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Buildings need to dry- not breathe!

by Matt Hoots SawHorse Design + Build

Hopefully, by now, most people understand that "Build tight/ ventilate right" is how most green building programs require you to build.  Less understood is the necessity for buildings to "dry out." In most climat… more...

  Filed under: Rain Screen Products

0 replies | 1087 views | Posted on: 03/27/2023 | Last updated: 05/17/2023

50% of the "perfect wall" control layers with one product

by Matt Hoots SawHorse Design + Build

The only way to mainstream advanced building science concepts is to make them simple to install.  As we designed and are building the #1920sMakeoverATL, we have to work with readily available materials and keep in mind the skill set of… more...

  Filed under: Air Barriers

0 replies | 1461 views | Posted on: 04/24/2023 | Last updated: 04/28/2023

Pros and Cons of an airtight house

by Matt Hoots SawHorse Design + Build

A house needs to breathe, right? Yes, they do, but not the way most builders or homeowners think they do.  Many argue for a leaky house to allow the house to breathe.  That is one method to get fresh air. However, it is not th… more...

  Filed under: Filtration

0 replies | 3345 views | Posted on: 04/24/2023 | Last updated: 04/28/2023

What is a "water resistant barrier" (WRB), examples and misconceptions

by Matt Hoots SawHorse Design + Build

A water-resistant barrier (WRB) is a material used in construction to prevent the intrusion of moisture into the interior of a building. It is an essential component of the building envelope, designed to protect the building from water dama… more...

  Filed under: Weather Barriers

0 replies | 1811 views | Posted on: 04/23/2023 | Last updated: 04/28/2023

Green Building Myth Busting: It IS Fun to Watch a Pot Boil, on an Induction Cooktop (Video)

Energy Efficiency,High Performance,Indoor Air Quality,IAQ,Induction,Induction Cooking,Induction Stoves,Kitchens,IEQ,Myth Busting

by Rate It Green Team

Have you wanted to see an induction stove at work?  Check out this Green Building Myth Busting video by Green Builder Matt Hoots and Lisa Connor, of Sub-Zero, Wolf Southeast, Inc. This video is like a brief, fun science cla… more...

  Filed under: Appliances

1 replies | 10628 views | Posted on: 01/26/2021 | Last updated: 04/17/2023

Niagara's One Piece Phantom Toilet - Save on Water Bills and Look Good Doing It

Water Conservation,Toilets,Niagara,One Piece Toilets

by Rate It Green Team

  Niagara’s Phantom One Piece Toilet with Stealth Technology looks great, flushes quietly, and saves on water bills.  We think Green Builder Matt Hoots may have had  too much fun talking toilets with Ma… more...

  Filed under: Toilets

0 replies | 1311 views | Posted on: 03/27/2023 | Last updated: 04/17/2023

Schneider Electric's Home Energy Management Suite - Controlling Comfort, Resilience, and Energy Efficiency in One App

Energy Management,Home Energy Management,Schneider Electric

by Rate It Green Team

Green Builder Matt Hoots spoke to Will Shippee of Schneider Electric  at the International Builders Show (IBS) and got a look at Schneider Electric's impressive suite of home energy management solutions. System components inc… more...

  Filed under: Energy Management

0 replies | 1616 views | Posted on: 03/24/2023 | Last updated: 04/17/2023

Mitsubishi's Ceiling-Mounted, Mini Split, for New Construction and Renovations

Energy Efficiency,HVAC,Heating,Cooling,Mitsubishi,Mini Splits,Ductless Mini Splits

by Rate It Green Team

As David Hazel of Mistubishi shared with Green Builder Matt Hoots at the International Builders Show, mini splits heat, cool, and filter effectively, so customer satisfaction with performance has not been a challenge.  But there … more...

  Filed under: Heat Pumps

0 replies | 1713 views | Posted on: 02/26/2023 | Last updated: 04/13/2023

"Going Green" is cool again?

by Matt Hoots SawHorse Design + Build

Observations at the 2023 International Builder's Show. I noticed a new theme at the International Builder's Show this year.  All exhibitors made a point to tell me about their innovations related to climate change and politi… more...

  Filed under: Appliances

0 replies | 1455 views | Posted on: 02/18/2023 | Last updated: 04/10/2023

Rheem's Plug-In Hybrid Heat Pump Proterra Water Heater - Energy Efficient and Also Great for Retrofits

Energy Efficiency,Energy Savings,Heat Pumps,Decarbonization,Electrification,Rheem,Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters,Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

by Rate It Green Team

  Rheem was the first manufacturer to launch a plug-in hybrid heat pump water heater, and Green Builder Matt Hoots got an up-close look and spoke with Scott Cohen of Rheem Water Heating at this year’s Internation… more...

  Filed under: Heat Pumps

0 replies | 2333 views | Posted on: 02/26/2023 | Last updated: 04/08/2023

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