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How to get FULL value for your GREEN Home: Key Points to Consider in Buying and Selling

Real Estate,Green Homes,financing,Green Real Estate,Green Addendum,Green Appraisal,Home Appraisal,Green Loans

by Rate It Green Team

If you've got 5 minutes to learn about protecting the value of what is likely to be your key asset, it's worth giving Green Builder Matt Hoots a listen.  Matt teamed up with Green Realtor Christopher Matos-Rogers to … more...

  Filed under: Real Estate

1 replies | 103 views | Posted on: 05/20/2022 | Last updated: 05/21/2022

Decarbonizing Enterprise Real Estate with Large-Scale Renewables, Illinois Green Alliance Webinar: April 26, 12 pm CST

Real Estate,Renewable Energy,Electricity,Decarbonization

by samanthaklein Intern

Purchased electricity is typically a building’s single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Drops in costs of renewable energy over the past decade have made renewables competitive against brown power in many scenarios. Thre… more...

  Filed under: Renewable Energy

0 replies | 387 views | Posted on: 03/30/2022 | Last updated: 04/01/2022

Free CE Webinar: Heatpumps & Gas: Cold Climate Hybrid Systems are here! April 20, 12 pm EDT

Heat Pumps,Gas equipment

by samanthaklein Intern

This course discusses the market launch of Hybrid Heat Pump Systems which introduces the combination of a gas furnace with a Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump. It reviews the components of a Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump and how the int… more...

0 replies | 752 views | Posted on: 03/22/2022 | Last updated: 03/22/2022

GreenCE Webinar: Creating Flexible Spaces Using Vertical Openings, April 20, 12 pm EDT

Electrical System,Windows,Doors,Vertical Operating Systems

by samanthaklein Intern

This one-hour course discusses vertical opening systems, how they’re built, differences in operation, and typical uses for interior and exterior applications. Additionally, the webinar will consider features that influence the en… more...

0 replies | 534 views | Posted on: 03/22/2022 | Last updated: 03/22/2022

Webinar: Large Central Plant Heat Pumps, March 30, 2 pm EDT

Energy,Heating and cooling systems,Heat Pumps

by samanthaklein Intern

  This presentation will provide an overview of existing large scale heat pumps functioning as central plants for district heating and /or cooling systems. Examples will be drawn from systems in operation in various parts of the wor… more...

0 replies | 637 views | Posted on: 03/15/2022 | Last updated: 03/15/2022

Webinar: Passive House for Builders & Contractors, March 24, 2 pm EDT

Passive House,Project Manager,Connecticut,Contractors,Home Builders

by samanthaklein Intern

  Eversource and UI, CNG, SCG, in partnership with Connecticut Passive House, are pleased to offer the Energize CT Passive House webinars at no cost! Please see below to reserve your virtual seat and join us for these exciting and i… more...

  Filed under: Builders/Contractors

0 replies | 837 views | Posted on: 03/02/2022 | Last updated: 03/03/2022

Free Webinar: Desert-Friendly Landscapes for Beginners, February 16, 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

Are you new to the Valley or have a newfound interest in desert plants? Discover common misconceptions associated with desert gardening and the fundamentals for watering, fertilizing, and pruning. Kirti Mathura, garden author, has over 1… more...

  Filed under: Landscaping

0 replies | 500 views | Posted on: 02/07/2022 | Last updated: 02/09/2022

Paint and Drywall Moisture Failures Due to Improper Caulking - Prevention, and Solutions

Paint,Exterior Paint,Exterior Painting,Caulking,Caulk

by Rate It Green Team

What can can pass through your walls with ease, and cause all kinds of problems, but is not a ghost?  There is more than one possible answer actually, but for this next installment in our “Scary Building Stories,” we&… more...

  Filed under: Painting Exterior

0 replies | 2899 views | Posted on: 10/19/2021 | Last updated: 02/07/2022

Take a Virtual High Performance Home Tour with ZeroEnergy Design

Net Zero Energy,ZeroEnergy Design,Low Carbon Living,Net Zero Energy Home

by Rate It Green Team

  Check out ZeroEnergy Design’s Belmont, MA high performance home, and take this online tour at your convenience:!  ZED’s Matt Genaze and Auburndale Builders… more...

  Filed under: Architects

0 replies | 1626 views | Posted on: 11/12/2021 | Last updated: 02/07/2022

HVAC Efficiency and Commissioning (a scary story)

by Roy R Engineer working on living a sustainable life

As part of a major renovation of a 100 year old building that houses 46 students we added per circuit electricity consumption monitoring.  A month after the building was re-occupied we noticed that the kitchen panel was consu… more...

2 replies | 2169 views | Posted on: 10/28/2021 | Last updated: 02/07/2022

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