Green building & Sustainable Resources

Welcome to Rate It Green's Links and Resources section. Here you will find resources such as our Links to other industry organizations and information sources. From this page, you can also read about and purchase Green Building 101, our industry resource guide. Green Building 101 lists over 900 resources for learning about green building. In time and as we can, we plan to fold much of this research back into our links section. We'd also like to turn all of Green Building 101 into an online database of links in the future. But seeing as it took over a year to put this guide together along with a significant investment, we are currently offering downloads and printed copies for sale to support continuing this work.

Thanks for your support! We consider this a truly worthwhile project and have had feedback that this book helps people new to green building a great deal as well as points out new resources to more experienced green builders who didn't know there were so many resources available.

We look forward to finding many more resources as we are able to continue the project.