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VRF Heat Pump Installation - In Progress!!

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

Hi everyone -  I've mentioned in our newsletters about how we are going to be intalling VRF heat pumps in the future, and.... the future is here!  I look forward to sharing more information as we finish the projec… more...

  Filed under: Heat Pumps

0 replies | 221 views | Posted on: 04/30/2024 | Last updated: 04/30/2024

Mitsubishi's Ceiling-Mounted, Mini Split, for New Construction and Renovations

Energy Efficiency,HVAC,Heating,Cooling,Mitsubishi,Mini Splits,Ductless Mini Splits

by Rate It Green Team

As David Hazel of Mistubishi shared with Green Builder Matt Hoots at the International Builders Show, mini splits heat, cool, and filter effectively, so customer satisfaction with performance has not been a challenge.  But there … more...

  Filed under: Heat Pumps

1 replies | 2087 views | Posted on: 02/26/2023 | Last updated: 04/29/2024

Heat Pumps and Cold Weather - Q&A / Myth Busting

Energy Efficiency,HVAC,Insulation,Heat Pumps,air sealing,Heating,Cooling,right sizing,Savings

by Rate It Green Team

Some myths take a while to go away…  Decades ago, Atlanta Green Builder Matt Hoots would likely have agreed that heat strips were often needed to help heat pumps keep up with heating demand in colder weather. Technology… more...

  Filed under: Heat Pumps

0 replies | 582 views | Posted on: 02/19/2024 | Last updated: 04/17/2024

A Look at How ERVs Work with Panasonic, How 80% Efficiency Might Work in Practice

Ventilation,Panasonic,ERVs,Energy Recovery Ventilators

by Rate It Green Team

In this video, Matt Hoots interviews Ken Nelson with Panasonic at the International Builders/Kitchen and Bath Show.  Ken explains how ERVs work using a core exchanger, or enthalpic core (or what some of us call the &ldquo… more...

  Filed under: Fans

1 replies | 8532 views | Posted on: 08/17/2020 | Last updated: 04/04/2024

Whole House Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) Explained, by Panasonic

HVAC,Ventilation Systems,Ventilation,Humidity,ERVs,Whole House Ventilation Systems,ERV,Panasonic

by Rate It Green Team

We’d like to thank Ken Nelson at Panasonic for his terrific explanation of how ERVs work and for introducing us to the features and benefits of the Intelli-Balance 200 as well.  Have you been wondering what an E… more...

0 replies | 16145 views | Posted on: 09/29/2021 | Last updated: 04/04/2024

Remote Hood Exhaust Fan Retrofit Delivers Significant Noise Reduction

Indoor Air Quality,Fans,IAQ,Ventilation,Kitchens,Exhaust fans,Hoods,Exhaust hoods

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

Sometimes, a smaller targeted project can be the best project! I am excited to report that we just completed a retrofit to install a remote hood fan for our kitchen exhaust hood, and it instantly made such a big difference.  We reduced… more...

  Filed under: Fans

0 replies | 749 views | Posted on: 03/23/2024 | Last updated: 03/25/2024

Automatic Bath Fan Sensors Reduce Humidity, Pollutants, and Odors

Indoor Air Quality,IAQ,Bathrooms,Ventilation,Humidity,Kitchens,Bath fans,Kitchen Fans,Exhaust fans,Pollutants

by Rate It Green Team

As Green Builder Matt Hoots of Sawhorse, Inc. points out, most people don’t use ventilation properly.  Exhaust fans can be a missed opportunity for improving Indoor air quality, or IAQ, because so many people don’t turn… more...

  Filed under: Fans

0 replies | 489 views | Posted on: 03/23/2024 | Last updated: 03/25/2024

Filtration and Airflow in Whole House HVAC Systems: Filter Cabinets and MERV Options

HVAC,Ventilation Systems,Ventilation,Filtration,AprilAire,Whole House Ventilation Systems,MERV

by Rate It Green Team

Filters remove dust and other particles, including biological contaminants, from the air.  This basic but important function plays a critical role in maintaining indoor air quality, and yet most of us are just starting to catch up wi… more...

  Filed under: Filtration

0 replies | 3997 views | Posted on: 06/14/2022 | Last updated: 02/20/2024

Hi-Velocity HVAC System for Modern Designed Homes

Energy Efficiency,HVAC,Ventilation,Heating,Cooling,Air Conditioning,comfort,Hi Velocity

by Matt Hoots SawHorse Design + Build

I worked with a high-velocity HVAC system attached to a ground source heat pump a decade ago.  We had to use this system because the architect did not leave us any room for ductwork, so the four-inch ducts that were part of the hi… more...

0 replies | 1650 views | Posted on: 03/27/2023 | Last updated: 12/31/2023

Whole House Humidity Control - Dehumidification and Humidification, with Aprilaire (Video)

Humidity,AprilAire,Humidification,Dehumidification,Humidity Control

by Rate It Green Team

Two building industry experts get on a Zoom, one in Wisconsin and one in Georgia…  There’s a lot to discuss about humidity!   In all seriousness, Aprilaire’s Joseph Hillenmeyer joins Matt Hoots for a he… more...

0 replies | 9453 views | Posted on: 04/08/2021 | Last updated: 12/14/2023

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