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Exploring Whole House Filtration and Particulate Matter, with Aprilaire (Video)

HVAC,Air Quality,Indoor Air Quality,Ventilation Systems,Ventilation,Filtration,AprilAire

by Rate It Green Team

In this interview with green builder Matt Hoots, Joseph Hillenmeyer with Aprilaire takes a deeper dive into whole-house air filtration and explores what we need to know about healthy air.  Awareness of filtration has grown in the… more...

0 replies | 76 views | Posted on: 02/25/2021 | Last updated: 02/26/2021

Reviewing the Top Benefits of Healthy #Air at #Home, with Aprilaire (Video)

by Rate It Green Team

In this video, Patrick Dougherty shares an introduction to Aprilaire's whole house ventilation and healthy home solutions with Matt Hoots at the International Builders Show/Kitchen & Bathroom Show. Indoor air qu… more...

0 replies | 2630 views | Posted on: 08/31/2020 | Last updated: 02/26/2021

An Introduction to Aprilaire and Whole House Air Quality Systems (Video)

Air Quality,Ventilation,Humidity,Moisture Control,Filtration,AprilAire,Moisture,Moisture Management,Humidification,HVAC Controls

by Rate It Green Team

Join green builder Matt Hoots as he interviews Joseph Hillenmeyer, Channel Marketing Manager for Aprilaire.  Joseph shares some company history as well as an overview of key issues related to whole-house filtration and humidity c… more...

  Filed under: Humidity Control Equipment

0 replies | 109 views | Posted on: 02/23/2021 | Last updated: 02/26/2021

Webinar: Ventilation, High Performance, and Passive House, March 10, 2 pm EST

Passive House,High Performance,Ventilation

by samanthaklein Intern

In designing and building high-performance buildings, building ventilation is often an underappreciated component. The pandemic has made the health implications of good ventilation more obvious but the energy impact remains largely obscured… more...

0 replies | 430 views | Posted on: 02/13/2021 | Last updated: 02/13/2021

Webinar: Heat Pump Application & Design (Content Available 24/7)

Energy Efficiency,HVAC,Heat Pumps

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

Recorded Webinar: Heat Pump Application & Design Recorded: Tuesday, June 16 | 2:00 pm Central Speaker: Kimberly Llewellyn - Performance Construction Technical Lead at Mitsubishi Cost: Free This webinar will focus on sizing an… more...

  Filed under: Heat Pumps

0 replies | 1612 views | Posted on: 11/09/2020 | Last updated: 12/16/2020

Webinar: New Heat Pump Technologies to the Rescue, Tuesday, January 19, 3pm PT / 6pm ET

Energy Efficiency,HVAC,Heat Pumps

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

There is no one-size-fits-all technology for the wide range of building types. Jordan Dent and Evan Hellas lead a session that will provide an overview of four new technologies that the speakers are working with. Learn about an integrated/m… more...

  Filed under: Heat Pumps

0 replies | 708 views | Posted on: 12/14/2020 | Last updated: 12/14/2020

VIDEO: Spot Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) - Designed for One Location (vs Whole House)

by Rate It Green Team

Learn about spot energy recovery ventilation (designed for one room/location) in this “unboxing” video, and… meet Matt’s dog, Oliver!  Matt reviews the components of an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) and … more...

0 replies | 2358 views | Posted on: 09/13/2020 | Last updated: 09/14/2020

VIDEO: A Quick Look at Mitsubishi Electric's 2020 Residential HVAC Models - Great Gains in Energy Efficiency

by Rate It Green Team

At the International Builders Show and Kitchen and Bath Show, Matt Hoots had the opportunity to talk with Chad Gillespie from Mitsubishi Electric to review what’s new in their residential offerings for 2020.  Chad r… more...

0 replies | 1946 views | Posted on: 09/06/2020 | Last updated: 09/06/2020

Webinar: Legionella Basics in a COVID-19 World, August 27, 2pm EST

HVAC,Air Quality,Water,Air,Legionnaires Disease,Legionnella

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

Join us on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. EST for a one-hour discussion of Legionnella, the bacteria that can grow in building HVAC and water systems and causes Legionnaires Disease, a severe, and sometimes fatal, form of pneum… more...

0 replies | 696 views | Posted on: 08/21/2020 | Last updated: 08/21/2020

2020 NY GEO: Electrify! With Heat Pumps, September 9-10, Albany, NY

HVAC,Heat Pumps,Heating,Cooling

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

At NY GEO's Renewable Heating & Cooling conference, you can learn about: Heat Pumps 101, the Future of NYSERDA’s Clean Heating & Cooling programs, Electrification, Navigating Codes, Standards and Practical Experience,… more...

0 replies | 335 views | Posted on: 08/21/2020 | Last updated: 08/21/2020

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