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Event: The 'V' in HVAC: design and control of ventilation systems, February 16, 8:30 - 4PM, La Crosse, WI

by Kalyani.rc // Passive House / Sustainability Enthusiast

The 'V' in HVAC: design and control of ventilation systems Thursday, February 16 8:30 am – 4 pm Lunda Center, Western Technical College, La Crosse, WI Tickets: $199 Presenter: John Murphy, …

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Wisconsin Green Building Group

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Webinar: Dedicated Outside Air Systems 3/28 11am ET

by ChristinaC // Marketing Student

Webinar: Dedicated Outside Air Systems, The Comfortable and Efficient Future of Ventilation 3/28 11am ET Duration: 30 mins Recent developments in Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) technology mea…

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Ventilation for High Performance Commercial Buildings workshop -Burlington, Massachusetts -Thursday, April 12

by AbbieKnight

Presented byVentacity SystemsParticipants will learn: • What are high performance buildings and high performance ventilation• Why efficiency matters: HRVs, ERVs, Cross-Flow, Wheels• Best practic…

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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(Canceled) Energy Efficiency Forum: Dialing it in-building tuning strategies, April 22, New Richmond, WI

by abu417 // Climate Connoisseur. Eco-Maniac. Solar Sommelier.

Join for an informative half-day event dedicated to helping industrial and commercial customers “dial it in” by improving the energy efficiency and productivity of their facility. The feat

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Wisconsin Green Building Group

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Building Performance Association, Home Performance Regional Educational Series - New England, November 18-19

by SarahA

Stay up to date on top trends and issues in the industry with live and on-demand educational content. Learn about nationally relevant topics like back to work in the COVID-19 environment, heat pumps,

Webinar: The New Normal: Delivering Healthy Air in Every Home We Build (Content Available 24/7)

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Recorded Webinar: The New Normal: Delivering Healthy Air in Every Home We Build
Recorded: Tuesday, May 19 | 2:00 pm Central
Speaker: John Bloemer - Executive Advisor & Engineering Fellow at Apri

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Webinar: Mythbusting -- Verifying Ventilation in Schools, December 10, 3 pm EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

In the rush to get schools ready to welcome students and staff during or after the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are receiving information from all sides, some helpful and some misleading. Join these pan

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Exploring Whole House Filtration and Particulate Matter, with Aprilaire (Video)

by Rate It Green Team

In this interview with green builder Matt Hoots, Joseph Hillenmeyer with Aprilaire takes a deeper dive into whole-house air filtration and explores what we need to know about healthy air. 

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Free Webinar: Heat Pump Clothes Dryers — Minnesota Field and Consumer Research Findings, May 6, 11 am CST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Clothes dryers are a significant component of residential electricity use. Spurred by the emerging availability of heat pump clothes dryers in U.S. markets and their common use in Europe, we examined

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Reviewing the Top Benefits of Healthy Air at Home, with Aprilaire (Video)

by Rate It Green Team

In this video, Patrick Dougherty shares an introduction to Aprilaire's whole house ventilation and healthy home solutions with Matt Hoots at the International Builders Show/Kitchen

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VIDEO: Spot Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) - Designed for One Location (vs Whole House)

by Rate It Green Team

Learn about spot energy recovery ventilation (designed for one room/location) in this “unboxing” video, and… meet Matt’s dog, Oliver!  Matt reviews the components of

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Air Filtration at the #1920sMakeoverATL Showhouse - It Can Only Get Better from Here (Video)

by Rate It Green Team

We might say Green Builder Matt Hoots is having too much fun filming informative videos to let us in on the behind the scenes action at the start of the #1920sATLMakeover deep energy retrofit pr

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Whole House Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) Explained, by Panasonic

by Rate It Green Team

We’d like to thank Ken Nelson at Panasonic for his terrific explanation of how ERVs work and for introducing us to the features and benefits of the Intelli-Balance 200 as well.

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rheia's Comfort by Design - Smaller, Energy and Labor Efficient Air Distribution Systems

by Rate It Green Team

Now that we think about it, thanks to rheia, why is HVAC ductwork so big and bulky, and tangled?  We’ve made changes to electrical and plumbing systems, so why not HVAC ducts? Clearly, it&r

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Filtration and Airflow in Whole House HVAC Systems: Filter Cabinets and MERV Options

by Rate It Green Team

Filters remove dust and other particles, including biological contaminants, from the air.  This basic but important function plays a critical role in maintaining indoor air quality, and yet mos

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Free HVAC Systems Webinar: Load Calculations, Equipment Selection, System Airflow and Layout, November 2, 9 am PT

by samanthaklein // Intern

Improved design, installation and commissioning practices lead to a dramatic improvement in building energy consumption, indoor air quality, and comfort. There are six performance factors that can be

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California Green Building

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