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Why everyone is confused about gas and electric cooktops

Posted by: Matt Hoots

Twenty years ago, I promoted gas appliances to my clients as the best option.  Gas was and is much better at h… more...

0 replies | 134 views | Posted on: 01/23/2023

Sustainable Demolition - Donating Furnishings and Building Materials (Reduce Waste AND Save on Taxes!)

Posted by: Rate It Green Team

As Matt Hoots of Sawhorse Inc. reminds us, part of green building is wasting less.  There are quite a few way… more...

0 replies | 1098 views | Posted on: 12/05/2022

Rate It Green Featured on EveryDay Green Home Podcast with The Green Home Coach Marla Esser Cloos

Posted by: Rate It Green Team

Rate It Green was fortunate to be featured recently on The Everyday Green Home Podcast with Marla Esser Cloos.… more...

0 replies | 560 views | Posted on: 12/02/2022

High Performance Residential Vapor Barriers - StegoHome and the #1920sMakeoverATL Renovation

Posted by: Rate It Green Team

  For the #1920sMakeoverATL home, Green Builder Matt Hoots of Sawhorse, Inc shares a great example of how de… more...

0 replies | 575 views | Posted on: 12/13/2022

Hotels of the Future: How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Hospitality Industry?

Posted by: Arloid

The use of AI in the hospitality industry is still in its relative infancy, but the possibilities for adoption are vast.… more...

0 replies | 88 views | Posted on: 12/21/2022

How to Achieve a Smart and Sustainable Built Environment?

Posted by: Arloid

The built environment is the center of human life on earth – responsible for an estimated 40% of global GDP, and w… more...

0 replies | 94 views | Posted on: 12/21/2022

How Can Hospitals Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Posted by: Arloid

The healthcare sector accounts for 4.4% of net global emissions. In the US, this rises to 10% of total national greenhou… more...

0 replies | 58 views | Posted on: 12/21/2022

How to Sell the Value of Green Homes and Features, Online Course by Marla Esser Cloos, Available Live or On Demand

Posted by: Allison Friedman

Online Course:  How to Sell the Value of Green Homes and Features Instructor:  Marla Esser Cloos, also k… more...

0 replies | 855 views | Posted on: 11/29/2022

Radon Control starts with a good design

Posted by: Matt Hoots

The need for vapor control below the house The #1920sMakeoverATL is a Passive House renovation in Atlanta, GA.  … more...

0 replies | 1357 views | Posted on: 12/21/2022

Artificial Intelligence in HVAC system

Posted by: Arloid

Did you know that with the help of artificial intelligence in the HVAC system, you can reduce the carbon footprint in th… more...

0 replies | 44 views | Posted on: 11/24/2022

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I need a fabulous water-based poly or other eco floor coating

Posted by: Allison Friedman

I need a recommendation for a water-based poly. When I mentioned using a more environmentally friendly floor coating, I… more...

15 replies | 6357 views | Posted on: 05/13/2015

The Green Brick Wall

Posted by: StyroHome

If you attempt to build a "GREEN" home almost anywhere in America fo probably will run head-on to the Invisible Green Wa… more...

7 replies | 2642 views | Posted on: 10/08/2015

use of linoleum flooring in bathrooms

Posted by: Christine O.

Does anyone have any practical experience with linoleum, such as Marmoleum, in a bathroom? The general contractor with w


6 replies | 5744 views | Posted on: 08/21/2017

Clean Power

Posted by: Steven Fitzgerald

The EPA Clean Power Plan is the nation’s first comprehensive effort to reduce carbon pollution from electric power pla… more...

5 replies | 2820 views | Posted on: 05/01/2015

Details / Specifications

Posted by: Louwrens van der Walt

Is there a company that supplies detailed drawings / specifications for the various green construction methods such as s


5 replies | 1480 views | Posted on: 03/14/2019

Please help my Mother-In-Law with a simple Intro to MDF products :)

Posted by: Allison Friedman

My mother-in-law is building a new home, and she wants an introduction to the difference between MDF and "real wood." I… more...

4 replies | 3261 views | Posted on: 05/06/2015

How do you determine how "green" a cabinet is?

Posted by: Jonathan Cabinet Representative

When looking at purchasing cabinetry for you home or business, what do you look for? I look for domestically manufactur… more...

4 replies | 2663 views | Posted on: 06/04/2015

Green Building Myth Busting: Nope, You're Not Allergic to Wool (Video)

Posted by: Rate It Green Team

Matt Hoots is always ready to bust a myth.  Recently, he was talking with Daman Dillon and Kristine Hart of C


4 replies | 6445 views | Posted on: 12/24/2020

Mini Split Compressor Placement in Cold Climates (Think about Snow and Other Conditions)

Posted by: Allison Friedman

It’s important to think about mini split condenser location in cold climates where it’s likely to snow, or r


4 replies | 4255 views | Posted on: 02/03/2022

Can heat pump water heaters extend the life of your EV?

Posted by: Christopher Matos-Rogers

In a recent weekly room on Clubhouse, we were busting performance myths about all-electric homes.  Naturally,


3 replies | 9913 views | Posted on: 10/09/2021


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