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Chemical Sensitivity and the New Home Building Process – Free CE Webinar, December 9, 12-1 PM EST

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Chemical Sensitivity and the new home building process – Free CE webinar December 9th, 12 - 1 pm EST Since the mid 1990’s, Green building professionals have focused on energy efficiency and gl…

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Post-Brexit: The UK Must Continue To Fight for Environmental and Climate Progress

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Ever since the term Brexit, the decision of whether the UK should leave the European Union or not, was coined June of 2012, green groups have been warning voters that the decision to leave will have d…

June 30th: Making the Business Case for A New England Food Vision: Creating Conditions that Support Diverse Food-Related Enterprises @ SBN Boardroom

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

WHEN: June 30, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm WHERE: SBN Boardroom, 99 Bishop Allen Dr #100, Cambridge,MA 02139, USA COST: Free! CONTACT: Food Solutions New England: http://www.foodsolutionsne.or

Weekday Vegetarianism and Meatless Mondays: Dietary Trends To Help Save The Planet

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

The evidence is clear that being a vegetarian is better for the environment, for animals, and even for our own health. Though we’ve heard this repeatedly, it can still be difficult to make the “ve…

July 14th & August 11th: Nature Storytime for Sprouts - Individual Classes

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Children ages 3-6 and their adult caregivers are invited to join Duke Farms in Hillsborough Township, NJ for a 90 minute nature themed monthly program. Each month Duke Farms' “sprouts” will use th…

AUGUST 16th: Support Future Green Leaders at 11th Annual WMSBF Member Outing

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum recognizes the critical role emerging professionals play in forwarding corporate and community sustainability initiatives. They’ve worked hard to facilitate …

Composting 101: Tips for Everyday Composting at Home (You Can Do It!)

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Green Tips For Composting At Home: If you’re thinking about taking up more green living practices, composting can be a great place to start. While composting may seem mysterious or complicated, i…

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Food Waste is Real: Half Of All Food Produced in America Is Discarded

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Did you know that the average American family of four wastes 1,160 pounds of food every year (roughly a quarter of all the food they buy)? Or that the average american throws away 20 pounds of food ev…

Green Festival Expo: SEPTEMBER 16-18 Los Angeles

by Higgins_James // Student

Green Festival is back in LA for our 6th year! Join the Green Festival Marketplace by exploring over 250 exhibitors, learning from over 50 inspirational speakers, indulging in some delicious vegan or …

California Green Building

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Rethinking the Way We Eat: Disposable, Edible Spoons

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

As a society on the go, we’re constantly running from one event to the next, and it often happens that we’re out and about during peak meal or snack times. So we’ll either bring food with us to …

Community and Urban Gardening: Both An Environmental And Healthy Choice

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Over the past few years, urban farms and community gardens have become increasingly popular throughout the United States. In fact, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports t…

Food Waste Progress: Key Companies Embracing“Ugly” Produce

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Food waste has become a major problem in the United States. According to the Natural Resources Defense Find, up to 40% of all food in the U.S. is tossed in the trash. Though some food is composted, mo…

August 13th: Sustainability Night at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey!

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Don't miss this Fun Summer Event on Saturday, August 13: Sustainability Night with Major League Soccer's Red Bulls! Enjoy the game with your fellow school and municipal green team friends and other…

Clean Food Labels Could Change The Future Of The Food Industry

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

It is clear now more than ever that the “clean label” is no longer simply a tend in the food chain industry. Last year, one out of every 10 new food products in the US and over 9% of all global ne…

Wisconsin Green Veterans Event: 3/1 6-7:30pm

by ChristinaC // Marketing Student

Mobilize Wisconsin Green Veterans Event When: Wednesday, March 1st from 6:00-7:30pm Location: Kalahari Resort and Convention Center, 1305 Kalahari Dr, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Join USGBC Wis…

Wisconsin Green Building Group

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It's a Bolt! SO excited about our EV!

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

We got our Bolt today! One day, I hope it won't be big news to get an EV, because well that's what all of our cars will be! For now, we're so excited to get thew new Chevy Bolt! Who else in o…

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USGBC MA - Residential Green Building Meeting with Guest Speaker Joshua May on August 14, Boston

by AbbieKnight

This August, Joshua May of Climate Reality will come in to speak with the Residential green Building Committee (and you!) about how to spread the word on climate change to anyone and everyone you enga…

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices for a Better Home

by Marla // Green Home Coach

Our homes are our refuge. It’s the place where life happens; all the little stuff that happens every day. Where we wake up and smell the coffee, scratch the dog’s tummy and all the other little a…

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World Cities Summit 2018: Liveable & Sustainable Cities: Embracing the Future through Innovation & Collaboration, July 8-12, Singapore

by Eileen Flynn // Student

The biennial World Cities Summit is an exclusive platform for government leaders and industry experts to address livable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new…

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Developing Technologies

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Sustainability Management Conference, Providence, RI, July 30 - August 1

by Eileen Flynn // Student

Learn benchmark leading practices, discover new solutions and hear hard-won accomplishments from your peers. Discover new innovative strategies companies are using to meet sustainability goals and how…

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Rhode Island Green Building

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2018 New Jersey Sustainability Summit, June 21, The College of New Jersey, Ewing Township, NJ

by Eileen Flynn // Student

The 2018 New Jersey Sustainability Summit will explore how individual and community behaviors can impact the quality of necessities for better or worse, such as our air, water, health, economy, and so…

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New Jersey Greenbuilding Group

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The World's Best New Building Award for 2018 goes to the Children Village Complex in Brazil

by Suelen Ribeiro // Architect/ LEED GA

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) International Award is one of the most rigorously judged architecture awards in the world. Happening every two years, the winning building needs to ach

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Brasil Green Building

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EP Event: Sustainable Showcase: Live, Work, Play, Serve, August 14, 4:00-6:00pm, Atlanta, GA

by Gina Pryciak // Student

Finding the perfect apartment can be a stressful and tiring process. Once you’ve signed your lease you want to be confident that your home will allow you to live healthily, happily, and sustaina

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USGBC Colorado: Wintergreen 2020, February 19, 5-8pm, Colorado Springs, CO

by mkilmartin // Intern

Keynote Presentation:

Woodbriar Park Renovation: The Successful Integration of Stormwater Management, Community Recreation, Environmental Art, and Ecological Enhancement.

Repeated stormwater flo

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Colorado High Performance and Passive House Building Group

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