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The Seeds of Sustainability; Wood, Lumber & Mass Timber, Online, November 18, 1:45pm-3:15 EST

Wood,built environment,mass timber,Lumber

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

This seminar follows the life cycle of wood, wood fiber, and mass timber as sustainable design solutions for the built environment. A focus will be on continuous improvement considerations for project teams as well as addressing the positiv… more...

  Filed under: Lumber

0 replies | 11 views | Posted on: 10/29/2020 | Last updated: 10/29/2020

FREE Green Building Webinar: Get In On The Ground Floor: Modern, Sustainable Healthcare Flooring, November 18, 12pm EST


by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

In this one-hour course, design professionals will gain in-depth knowledge of sustainable, resilient fluid-applied flooring. It will discuss how it solves many issues present in both resilient flooring and fluid-applied flooring by providin… more...

  Filed under: Flooring

0 replies | 22 views | Posted on: 10/26/2020 | Last updated: 10/26/2020

Free Green Building Webinar: Keep Glass Looking Beautiful and Reduce Maintenance Costs with a Protective Coating, November 4, 12-1 pm EST


by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

In this one hour course, we will evaluate low maintenance protective coatings as a solution for many common problems encountered during the life-cycle of building. Some of the easily recognized benefits of an easy to clean coasting includin… more...

0 replies | 249 views | Posted on: 10/22/2020 | Last updated: 10/22/2020

FREE Greenbuilding Webinar: Expansive Openings for Energy Efficient Settings, October 8, 12 pm EDT


by GreenCE Sustainable Design and Construction

During this webinar, ‘Expansive Openings for Energy Efficient Settings’, you’ll uncover the features and benefits of large opening glass wall systems. Explore how architects and builders are using glass wall systems to exp… more...

  Filed under: Doors, Windows and Openings

0 replies | 396 views | Posted on: 09/30/2020 | Last updated: 10/13/2020

FREE Green Building Webinar: Daylighting by Design, October 7, 12-1pm


by GreenCE Sustainable Design and Construction

This course discusses the benefits of a thoughtfully- designed light control system and how to make it work for your project's natural- lighting and shading needs. The discussion emphases implementing design methods including specificat… more...

  Filed under: Lighting

0 replies | 423 views | Posted on: 09/30/2020 | Last updated: 10/13/2020

FREE Green Building Webinar: Polyiso - The Next Generation Air & Water Resistive Barrier, October 22, 12-1 pm EDT

Insulation,Polyiso,Building Envelope,Air and Water Resistive Barriers

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

To educate about ‘Building Longevity and Sustainability’ and how these concepts impact making buildings more energy efficient. The course examines how foil-faced polyiso continuous insulation can function as multiple control lay… more...

  Filed under: Insulation

1 replies | 542 views | Posted on: 10/08/2020 | Last updated: 10/12/2020

FREE Green Building Webinar: Acoustic Doors and Green Design, Thursday, October 15, 12pm EDT

Doors,Acoustic Doors

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

Sound transmission control is an issue that should be addressed in the design of any building. Acoustic comfort is part of providing an amenable interior space, and it requires having the proper level and quality of sound to utilize a space… more...

  Filed under: Doors, Windows and Openings

0 replies | 565 views | Posted on: 10/06/2020 | Last updated: 10/06/2020

Solar Power International, Virtual Trade Show, October 21 - 22

Energy Efficiency,Renewable Energy,Solar Energy,Solar Installation,Solar Power International

by SarahA

Participate in SPI, ESI, and North America Smart Energy Week from your home or office. Registration is free! Available now: Browse exhibitors and products, with more being added daily. October 21-22:  Hop online for a u… more...

  Filed under: Solar Energy

0 replies | 894 views | Posted on: 09/27/2020 | Last updated: 10/05/2020

Webinar: Improving and Prolonging the Performance of Finished Concrete Floors, October 13, 1 pm EDT

Concrete Flooring,maintenance,Floors,Finished Floors,GreenCE

by SarahA

This overview of concrete floor basics shows participants how to get the most from finished concrete floors. Along the way it discusses levels of finish, hardening-densifying and other aspects of finished concrete flooring not commonly know… more...

  Filed under: Concrete

0 replies | 414 views | Posted on: 10/01/2020 | Last updated: 10/01/2020

VIDEO: Huber’s AdvanTech Subflooring Panels - Water Resistant, Dimensionally Stable, Solidly Designed

by Rate It Green Team

In this video, builder and green building expert Matt Hoots shares his personal experience with Huber’s Advantech subflooring panels.  This is a product he has worked with for over 20 years and uses on the majority of his job… more...

  Filed under: Flooring

0 replies | 836 views | Posted on: 09/21/2020 | Last updated: 09/21/2020

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