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Learning About Rockwool's Versatility with Matt Hoots at the International Builders Show (Video)

Insulation,ROCKWOOL,Stone Wool,Mineral Wool

by Rate It Green Team

Did you know that Rockwool is actually made out of volcanically derived rock - basalt from the earth’s crust and recycled steel slag?  Join Matt Hoots of Sawhorse Design, Inc. and Dan Edelman of Rockwool to learn mo… more...

  Filed under: Mineral Wool Insulation

1 replies | 10170 views | Posted on: 07/18/2020 | Last updated: 02/02/2023

VIDEO: Introducing Wooster Products Inc's VOC Free Walk-A-Sured Anti-Slip Coating

Safety,Anti-Slip Coating

by Rate It Green Team

In this video, Ryan from Wooster Products Inc. introduces Matt Hoots to the NO VOC Walk-A-Sured clear anti-slip epoxy coating.  The idea of Walk-A-Sured is to provide an anti-slip surface while allowing the be… more...

  Filed under: Safety

0 replies | 3267 views | Posted on: 07/20/2020 | Last updated: 02/01/2023

VIDEO: Georgia Lightscapes - Cutting Lighting Bills in Half and Lowering HVAC Costs with LED Retrofits

Lighting,LED Lighting,LEDs

by Rate It Green Team

In this video, Mark Dover of Georgia Lightscapes explains how converting to LED lighting can reduce maintenance costs and lower HVAC energy usage, cutting lighting bills in half.   Mark explains that LEDs never get h… more...

  Filed under: LED Lighting

0 replies | 1467 views | Posted on: 07/20/2020 | Last updated: 02/01/2023

VIDEO: Solaria Lighting - Unique Designs Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee

Design,Lighting,Interior Design,Lights,Style

by Rate It Green Team

Matt Hoots had the opportunity to talk with Josh Walters at the 2020 Atlanta Build Expo to learn about Solaria Lighting and their really creative light fixtures.  Most of Solaria's lights are handmade in Nashville, Tenne… more...

  Filed under: Lighting

0 replies | 2176 views | Posted on: 07/22/2020 | Last updated: 01/31/2023

Low VOC, Recycled Rubber Flooring, from Rubber Floors and More (Video)

Flooring,Low VOC,Rubber Flooring,Floors,Recycled,Recycled Rubber

by Rate It Green Team

Join Matt Hoots at the 2020 Atlanta Build Expo as he talks to Alan Quinn about Rubber Floors and More.  Alan introduces the company's Low VOC rolled and interlocking rubber floors, made from recycled and then cleaned tires an… more...

  Filed under: Rubber Flooring

0 replies | 2406 views | Posted on: 07/23/2020 | Last updated: 01/31/2023

VIDEO: Neolith - Durable and Sustainable Sintered Stone Countertops, Shower Systems, Ventilated Rain Screens (and more)

Flooring,Neolith,Countertops,paneling,paving,sinks,Interior Paneling,Exterior Paneling

by Rate It Green Team

Matt Hoots had the opportunity to talk with Travis Conrad of Neolith at the International Builders Show/Kitchen & Bathroom Show.  Neolith is a solid surface made of sintered stone, a 100% natural material made of gr… more...

  Filed under: Stone Countertops

0 replies | 2208 views | Posted on: 07/31/2020 | Last updated: 01/31/2023

Green Countertops: Cambria USA - Sustainable Quartz Composite Pushes Boundaries with New Products and Technologies (Video)

by Rate It Green Team

  In this video, Matt Hoots talks with Jennifer Prins of Cambria at the International Builders Show/Kitchen & Bathroom Show. Cambria is introducing 20 new celebratory designs and is leveraging new technologies to mar… more...

  Filed under: Quartz Countertops

2 replies | 5504 views | Posted on: 08/04/2020 | Last updated: 01/30/2023

Whisper Green Fans from Panasonic Eco Solutions - Quiet Prevention for Moisture and Condensation (and Smart!) (Video)

Fans,Ventilation,Bath fans,Kitchen Fans,Panasonic

by Rate It Green Team

Check out Matt Hoots’ interview with Ken Nelson from Panasonic Eco Solutions at the International Builders Show/Kitchen & Bathroom Show.  In this video, Ken gives an introduction to the Whisper Green Select li… more...

  Filed under: Fans

1 replies | 10140 views | Posted on: 08/09/2020 | Last updated: 01/30/2023

A Conversation with Patrick Chopson of Cove.Tool: Optimizing Building Performance, Sustainability & Cost through Building Information Modeling

by Rate It Green Team

Whether you’re a BIM expert, or an emerging professional, we think this conversation with Matt Hoots and Patrick Chopson of Cove.Tool is worth a listen.  Patrick gives an introduction to Cove.Tool’s impressive we… more...

  Filed under: Software

1 replies | 11101 views | Posted on: 08/12/2020 | Last updated: 01/30/2023

Learning about Smarter Refrigerant Management with Trakref (Video)

HVAC,Refrigeration,Refrigerant,Refrigeration Maintenance,Refrigerant leaks

by Rate It Green Team

This interview with Tedd Atwood of Trakref and Matt Hoots is a must listen for building owners and operators/managers.  Managing refrigerants better will save money and energy and equipment life. It’s really worth everyone … more...

  Filed under: Software

1 replies | 10773 views | Posted on: 08/24/2020 | Last updated: 01/30/2023

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