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Guidance for Specifying Healthier Insulation and Air-Sealing Materials (Supplement to "Making Affordable Family Housing More Efficient...")

by ella.nielsen44 // Student

Guidance for Specifying Healthier Insulation and Air-Sealing Materials” was produced by Healthy Building Network (HBN) as a supplement to the report by HBN, Efficiency for All and others,

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Air Sealing to Achieve Zero Net Energy - New Techniques and Applications, November 21, 12pm - 7:30pm EDT

by SarahA

One of the key components to achieving a Zero Net Energy building is the tightness of its envelope to air infiltration.

Learning objectives include:

  • Summarize where and how buildings leak air

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Webinar: Selecting Healthy Insulation and Air Sealants, December 15, 2 pm CST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Insulation and air sealing are two cost-effective ways to increase the energy efficiency of a home. However, the chemicals that are found in some of these products or used during their production can

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HVAC - Protecting Healthy Buildings with Pure Air Optimization

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Green Building Myth Busting: Natural Ventilation - Do Your Walls Need to "Breathe?" (Video)

by Rate It Green Team

Welcome to the launch of the Green Building Myth Busters Series with Matt Hoots.  Matt’s and his coconspirators are about to bust some old misperceptions in the green building world w

Green and Healthy Maine Homes - Home Energy Chats, Online: The Value of Green Home Improvements, March 30, 6pm EST

by Ashley Freeman


Join us for the first episode of our Home + Energy Chats webinar series, The Value of Green Home Improvements!

This online webinar will present the many ways to improve the health and eff

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Buildings and Our Health - News and Information

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