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How Pandemics Shape Cities
Veer Mudambi Mar 26, 2020

Pandemics are defined as large-scale outbreaks of an infectious disease that can vastly increase morbidity (occurrence of disease) and mortality over a wide geographic area.  Inevitably,... Read More

Deep Energy Retrofits for Brownstones and Brick Row Homes - Let’s Create a Movement in Boston
ZeroEnergy Design Mar 26, 2020

BACKGROUND The first U.S. rowhomes were built in Philadelphia during the 1700s.  They shared one or more walls with neighboring units, which offered material efficiencies and required less... Read More

A Common Sense List of Dos and Don'ts for Dealing with COVID-19 and Indoor Air Quality in Your Homes and Workplace
SawHorse, Inc. Mar 24, 2020

The CDC, EPA and other agencies are giving us practical ways to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus such as social distancing and washing hands.  While these are essential, there are... Read More

Product Specification 101: How To Make A Great First Impression

The relationship between the building product representative and architects, designers, engineers, interior designers, and consultants who write specifications for projects is clearly... Read More

Heat Pumps - Energy Efficient and Cost Effective Heating & Cooling Solutions
Veer Mudambi Mar 16, 2020

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC, is often the biggest hurdle to reducing your home’s carbon footprint. How can we stay warm or cool while reducing our dependence on fossil... Read More

Biophilic Design - Bringing Nature Back into the Built Environment
Veer Mudambi Mar 08, 2020

In ancient Greek and Roman architecture, open-air courtyards functioned as the center of the home complete with gardens, fountains, and sculptures. The courtyard, or peristyle as it was known,... Read More

Understanding Healthy Soil and Climate Change
Veer Mudambi Feb 28, 2020

Curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions traditionally centers around the reduction of fossil fuel dependence in our society. While arguably the most effective initiative, we cannot ignore our other... Read More

Protecting Pollinators: Our Endangered Backyard Species
Veer Mudambi Feb 14, 2020

The basis for the principle of conservation, and why we should care when a species goes extinct, is that every life form plays an important role in the ecological balance of the earth. However, the... Read More

Getting Your Green Building Products Specified - 4 Key Strategies
Veer Mudambi Feb 04, 2020

As green building activity continues to increase steadily across the world, it is a promising time for building product manufacturers (BPMs). According to a report by the United States Green Building... Read More

Boosting Your Home's Energy Efficiency - A Starter Guide
Veer Mudambi Jan 31, 2020

So you’re considering steps to make your home more energy efficient but don’t know where to start. Well, you’re on the right track - energy efficient means using less energy and... Read More