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Creating a Generation of Green Leaders: The Hitchcock and R.W. Kern Centers
abu417 Dec 22, 2019

The oceans are rising, the animals are dying, and the Earth is heating up. Young people know it. Adults know it. The politicians and millionaires refusing to address the issues know it. The question... Read More

Greenbuild 2019 - Looking to the Future (Sustainable and Successful, for Everyone)
Allison Friedman Dec 02, 2019

It is a fun and fairly common experience at Greenbuild to find mid conversation that you already know the person you’re speaking to from an email exchange, a social media connection, or in my... Read More

Brookline Massachusetts Bans Oil and Gas Pipes in New Construction
Rate It Green Team Nov 30, 2019

In a bold, sustainable move and a 200-3 vote, the Town Meeting Members of Brookline, Massachusetts voted in a ban of oil and gas pipes for new buildings and also for significant renovations of... Read More

Shipping Containers – A Growing Trend for Green Buildings
Suelen Ribeiro Nov 10, 2019

The research for green building improvement is bringing a new trend to the sustainable field. The discovery of shipping containers as buildings material is providing benefits to the environment and... Read More

Demystifying the Opacity of Ingredient Hazard Transparency

The idea that we should all transparently know the health and ecological risks of the ingredients in products we purchase is a sound and desirable one. But it is how we interpret and deal with the... Read More

Sustainable ADA Signage – Top Six Trends
Green Dot Sign Inc. Oct 13, 2019

Demand for ADA Signs that Contribute to Green Buildings Expected to Continue   The number of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)... Read More

RGGI - Acadia Center's 10 Year Review (Reduced Emissions and Economic Growth Go Hand in Hand)
Allison Friedman Sep 24, 2019

The Acadia Center has released a review of the first ten years of operation of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI (pronounced “Reggie”), and the results are exceedingly... Read More

Inclusivity and Equality: Essential Pieces to the Climate Change Action Puzzle
Gina Pryciak Sep 03, 2019

“Development is not sustainable if it is not fair and inclusive – and rising inequality hinders long-term growth,” stated UN Secretary-General António Guterres at a Forum on... Read More

Introduction to Building Electrification
AidanAnthony Aug 21, 2019

Despite its space-age name, building electrification is a relatively simple, yet potentially significant initiative. Instead of using the combustion of fossil fuels to operate buildings, it is now... Read More

Tiny Houses - Understanding and Overcoming Zoning Obstacles
Gina Pryciak Aug 06, 2019

According to the US Census Bureau, the median size of a new single-family home sold in 2018 was 2,435 square feet. A Tiny Home, on the other hand, ranges from as small as 80 square feet, to 400... Read More