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Sustainable Business in 2021: Table Stakes
Green Business Bureau Feb 17, 2021

2021: The year of recovery Last year brought tremendous change in the business world with the acceleration of so many mega trends including remote work, video conferencing, eCommerce, and the... Read More

Countertops the Green Way: What to Know Before Purchasing Sustainable Countertops
samanthaklein Feb 12, 2021

The countertop is arguably the most eye-catching aspect of many kitchens. In addition to serving as a key design element, the countertop’s purpose is quite enormous: it provides a clean, even... Read More

Why You Should Always Work with a Green Real Estate Agent
Kari Klaus Jan 27, 2021

By Kari Klaus, founder of In 2006, I renovated my 1930s Cape Cod style home in Arlington, Virginia. I was a licensed real estate agent and had begun my LEED Green Associate... Read More

Considering the Environmental Effects of Solar Panels
Suelen Ribeiro Jan 23, 2021

Have you ever thought of how much pollution a single household produces in a life time? Or even in a year? Here are some figures to help us think through this important question: Approximately 7.5... Read More

Solar Panels - Making Efficient Choices for Your Building
Suelen Ribeiro Dec 16, 2020

The demand for solar panels has been growing exponentially, particularly in the last decade, with rapidly declining costs and environmental awareness driving this popularity. According to SEIA, the... Read More

Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment - A Revolution in the Making
Rate It Green Team Dec 05, 2020

Have you woken up or tried to work to the sound of a noisy leaf blower?  Have you gotten caught in the gas fumes behind gas powered lawn and other maintenance equipment?  Lawn maintenance... Read More

An Introduction to Green Business Bureau and Green Business Certification
Green Business Bureau Dec 03, 2020

A Brief Introduction  At Green Business Bureau, we strongly believe in the individual powers of businesses across all industries and together, we can bring about real positive change in the... Read More

Residential Decarbonization – Influencing Consumer Demand Before Inflection/Decision Making Points is Key
Allison Friedman Nov 10, 2020

I had given some thought to the significant, known challenge we face in decarbonizing homes to meet climate carbon reduction goals, and in particular that it’s going to be daunting to... Read More

The 2035 Report – A Blueprint for How the US (and others) Can Transition to a Clean Energy Economy, Starting NOW
Rate It Green Team Oct 23, 2020

2050 has long been the year cited by which carbon emissions must be reduced by zero, which was already a step more aggressive than the stretch Paris Agreement goal of limited global temperature rise... Read More

Cedreo - Taking Action to Grow our 3D Design Software Company Sustainably
Cedreo Oct 12, 2020

A sustainable future depends on the actions we take now, so it is the responsibility of every company to make sustainability and growth one in the same. At Cedreo, we are actively working on figuring... Read More

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