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Green Building Myth Busting: It IS Fun to Watch a Pot Boil, on an Induction Cooktop (Video)

Energy Efficiency,High Performance,Indoor Air Quality,IAQ,Induction,Induction Cooking,Induction Stoves,Kitchens,IEQ,Myth Busting

by Rate It Green Team

Have you wanted to see an induction stove at work?  Check out this Green Building Myth Busting video by Green Builder Matt Hoots and Lisa Connor, of Sub-Zero, Wolf Southeast, Inc. This video is like a brief, fun science cla… more...

  Filed under: Appliances

1 replies | 11276 views | Posted on: 01/26/2021 | Last updated: 04/17/2023

The Benefits of Induction Cooking, with SHARP Home Technologies

Energy Efficiency,Health,Indoor Air Quality,IAQ,Safety,Induction,Induction Cooking,Cooking,Electrification,Kitchens

by Rate It Green Team

  Why go with an induction stove? Green Builder Matt Hoots had the opportunity at the International Builders show to discuss the benefits of induction technology with Peter Weedfald with SHARP Home Technologies.   T… more...

  Filed under: Induction Cooktops

0 replies | 2318 views | Posted on: 02/25/2023 | Last updated: 04/13/2023

Why everyone is confused about gas and electric cooktops

Indoor Air Quality,IAQ,Electrification,Induction,Induction Cooking,Cooking,Gas Stoves,Gas Cooktops,Electric Cooktops,Kitchens

by Matt Hoots SawHorse Design + Build

Twenty years ago, I promoted gas appliances to my clients as the best option.  Gas was and is much better at heating the pot than electric options.  As a green builder, I ensured that the cooktops were well-ventilated and we … more...

  Filed under: Induction Cooktops

0 replies | 2650 views | Posted on: 01/23/2023 | Last updated: 04/10/2023

"Going Green" is cool again?

by Matt Hoots SawHorse Design + Build

Observations at the 2023 International Builder's Show. I noticed a new theme at the International Builder's Show this year.  All exhibitors made a point to tell me about their innovations related to climate change and politi… more...

  Filed under: Appliances

0 replies | 1596 views | Posted on: 02/18/2023 | Last updated: 04/10/2023

Top 5 reason induction cooking is safer than cooking with gas

Health,Indoor Air Quality,IAQ,Electrification,Safety,Induction,Induction Cooking,Cooking,Gas Cooktops,Kitchens

by Matt Hoots SawHorse Design + Build

Induction cooking is superior to gas in many ways, and manufacturers are realizing this and adapting according. In 2021, Zline added induction cooktops to their appliance offerings. When I met them in 2020, they had some nice hoods and desi… more...

  Filed under: Induction Cooktops

0 replies | 2405 views | Posted on: 02/23/2023 | Last updated: 04/10/2023

Webinar: GreenCE: Sustainable Hand Dryer Solutions, June 11, 12pm

Electric Hand Dryers,Hand Dryer,Green hygiene

by samanthaklein Intern

This course will discuss how hand dryers have evolved from the first generation of hand dryers to the efficient, hygienic wave of the present and future. Examining the newest features available, this course will explore what to co… more...

  Filed under: Appliances

0 replies | 1042 views | Posted on: 05/28/2020 | Last updated: 05/29/2020

Tool to Estimate Refrigerator/Freezer Energy Usage

Energy Efficiency,Refrigeration,Home Energy Usage

by Allison Friedman Rate It Green Admin

Just learned about this database and resource for refrigerators and freezers, courtesy of Midwest Energy Performance Analytics, Inc. Determine the energy use of your refrigerator (or freezer)… more...

  Filed under: Refrigerators

0 replies | 2106 views | Posted on: 03/13/2016 | Last updated: 03/13/2016


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