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Should we be Worried about the Rapidly Expanding Desalinization Industry?

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Access to water is a growing issue, particularly with recent droughts. At first, desalinization sounds like a good idea. But I was reading an Environmental News Network article about how desalin…

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Fort Collins Companies Spearhead Net Zero Water Management Tool

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Five Fort Collins companies led by sustainability engineering and planning firm Brendle Group have spearheaded the Net Zero Water (NZW) Initiative and have created the Net Zero Water (NZW) toolkit to …

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Colorado High Performance and Passive House Building Group

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Net Positive Energy and Water Conference, February 18-19 - San Diego

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Net Positive Energy and Water Conference, February 18-19 - San Diego Manchester Grand Hyatt 1 Market Place San Diego, CA 92101 The International Living Future Institute is hosting its third an…

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California Green Building

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Smart Water-Smart Cities: A Cleantech Event - Thursday, December 1, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Smart Water-Smart Cities: A Cleantech Event Thursday, December 1, 5:30 - 8:30 PM Massachusetts Clean Energy Center 63 Franklin Street 3rd Floor Boston , MA 02110 Can Smart Water Technologies…

Massachusetts Green Builders

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Join with the AIA Committee on the Environment Advisory Group and Hundreds of Others to Reject Climate Denial Appointees

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Join hundreds of architects and supporters of green building practices and policies. Sign on to a letter written by the AIA Committee on the Environment Advisory Group. "Mr. Pruitt’s hearing too…

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WEFTEC Conference September 29th - October 3rd, New Orleans, Louisiana

by Eileen Flynn // Student

WEFTEC is the largest conference of its kind in North America and offers water quality professionals from around the world with the best water quality education and training available today. Also …

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Developing Technologies

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MIT Water Summit 2018: Thirsty Cities, November 15-16, Cambridge, MA

by Phillip304 // Green Research & Development Analyst

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities, up from 50% today. Many cities are already running out of water. This year’s MIT Water Summit brings together representatives of

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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2019 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater, April 10-12 in Cincinnati, OH

by AbbieKnight

The Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conference brings professionals together for three days of dynamic speakers, networking events, and the latest industry trends about design-build in the water/was

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IE Expo China 2019, April 15-17, Shanghai

by AbbieKnight

IE Expo China 2019 taking place from April 15 to 17, 2019,  at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, which will cover all the high potential markets in environmental area:

· Water and

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Regenerative Earth Summit: Soil + Water + Climate, October 29-30, Boulder, CO

by abu417 // Climate Connoisseur. Eco-Maniac. Solar Sommelier.

​Join At The Epicenter for the third annual Regenerative Earth Summit (RES19) - a unique convening of global leaders from across industry sectors, agriculture, academia and civic service. RES19 is o

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Colorado High Performance and Passive House Building Group

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Free Webinar: Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS) - Is it Good for My Business? Earth Day, April 22, 12-1:15 pm

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

This webinar will introduce (or re-introduce) you to the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS). What does it analyze? Can WERS verifications be conducted while also doing an energy rating or green veri

Keywords: Water,Water Efficiency

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Webinar: Legionella Basics in a COVID-19 World, August 27, 2pm EST

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Join us on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. EST for a one-hour discussion of Legionnella, the bacteria that can grow in building HVAC and water systems and causes Legionnaires Disease, a se

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Buildings and Our Health - News and Information

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Webinar: Deep Dive into Net Zero Water in the City, December 9, 8am - 10am EDT

by SarahA

The New England Living Building Collaborative is presenting a series of webinars on how water management, water efficiency and water and energy nexus concepts can be incorporated into project planning

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Massachusetts Green Builders

Keywords: Water Supply,Water,Net Zero Water Management,Net Zero Water,Water Conservation,Water Efficiency

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Water Resources Webinar: Preparing for EPA’s New Lead and Copper Rule, January 15, 9 am EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Exposure to lead and copper may cause serious public health problems ranging from stomach distress to brain damage. Since 1991, EPA has imposed specific regulations to control lead and copper in drink

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Webinar: Water, Vapour, and Air Control for Large Passive House Projects, January 29, 10 am EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Building Enclosure Control Layers: Water, Vapour, and Air Control for Large Passive House Projects!

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Connecticut Green Building

Keywords: Healthy Building,Passive House,Air Quality,Water,Connecticut Passive House

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Free GreenCE webinar: Water Restoration for Green Building - Beyond Your Walls, February 17, 1 pm EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

In 2015, Global Water Crisis was listed as the Number 1 threat facing the planet over the next decade. Higher than Infectious Disease, Weapons of Mass Destruction and even Climate Change. Our responsi

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Bridge to 2030: Building Electrification Webinar, March 16, 9 am EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

The Bridge to 2030 educational series invites audiences to delve into topics integral to 2030 District progress throughout Pennsylvania, including energy, water, transportation, indoor air quality, an

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Pennsylvania Sustainability Group

Keywords: Energy,Transportation,financing,Water,Indoor Air Quality,Green Building Policies

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Webinar: Driving Potable Water Reduction in Residential Projects, March 25 12 pm EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

In this two-hour interactive webinar, participants will be guided through the results of a Seattle-based cost-benefit analysis called "A Decision Maker's Guide to Cost-Effective Residential P

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Keywords: Water Supply,Water,Residential Green Building

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Free Green Building Webinar: Practically Perfect Plumbing, May 19, 12 pm EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Once we build a very high-performance building from the perspective of heating, cooling and ventilation and install high efficiency lighting and plug loads, we are left with what to do about (hot) wat

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Keywords: Water,Water Efficiency,Plumbing

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Water Sensors Can Help Save $$ - Sensor Industries

by samanthaklein // Intern


Using water efficiently and avoiding waste should be a top priority for green builders, and all builders. Since water is a finite resource, it is essential to ensure that we have an adeq

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Webinar: Building Resilience -- Resilient Water Systems, July 13, 11:30 am PDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. California’s water system faces a variety of challenges, from drought to an aging water infrastructure, to changes in precipitation.

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California Green Building

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Water Efficiency + Modern Design | HELVEX USA

by samanthaklein // Intern


Helvex is a leading manufacturer and distributor of water-efficient plumbing fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens, and has been selected as a partner for the #1920sMakeoverATL Passive Hou

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Sustainable Facilities Forum, May 18, In-Person in Sacramento, California, and Online

by Jonathan // Sustainability Coordinator

Join us for this online and in-person event highlighting strategies, best practices and technologies behind successful public sector facility projects.

Opening Keynote Speakers include:
Lindsey Ro

How Effective is ROCKWOOL Stone Wool Insulation Against Water?

by Rate It Green Team


What happens to ROCKWOOL stone mineral or stone wool insulation when it gets wet? This is an important question, as insulation is installed on the outside of the house, on the roof, on t

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Keywords: Resiliency,Water,Insulation,Resilience,ROCKWOOL,Building Envelope,Stone Wool Insulation,Mineral Wool Insulation

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