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Issues of Controversy in Green Building Policy - Webinar Series by the International Future Living Institute

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

A series of webinars that lay the foundation for local policy efforts by exploring three hot topics in the advocacy world: December 2, 9-10am PST: Certified Wood & Green Building Examining the …

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An overview of Building Life Cycle Assessment for the construction industry

by Erica Terranova // We work to make Building Life Cycle Assessment easy and fast

What is LCA?


LCA answers the simple question: how sustainable is my product or process? We know products are not equal in terms of their environmental impact and putting a number on

Webinar: Building Life Cycle Impact: Understanding the Impacts of Building Design, September 23, 11:45am MDT

by SarahA

The carbon impact of building materials is a critical factor in our planet’s future. Life cycle assessments (LCAs) can benefit designers and manufacturers while achieving the goals of green buil

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Net Energy Optimizer (NEO) - A Commercial Energy Modeling Tool (Video)

by Rate It Green Team

The Net Energy Optimizer tool, or NEO, is a web-based energy modeling software tool, designed to provide customized building energy modeling for architects, engineers, product manufacturers

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