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Celebrating the Leading Edge

Rate It Green Members and Friends -  Some recent events and news have made it tougher to leap into spring with a bounce for many of us.  It’s impossible to ignore an unfathomable war, prices are increasing and supply chains are lengthening, COVID is confusing and ...


Honest and Tough Conversations

Rate It Green Members and Friends -  I recently attended my first in-person conference in a long while (NESEA’s BuildingEnergy '22!), and goodness it felt great and yet odd to be in a crowd!  That may not be the same for everyone, but we’re all adjusting perh...


#1920sMakeoverATL House Update from Matt Hoots - Foundation Work!

Check out the latest #1920sMakeoverATL Deep Energy Retrofit Update from Matt Hoots!  Matt gives us a full and efficient construction tour of the basement and outlines his planned changes to optimize the the basement for the future homeowners, and also for the project.  ...


It's Time to Rethink How We Define "Ugly"

Members and Friends -  I’ve spent a good deal of time discussing win-wins, and last month in our newsletter introduction I suggested we need even BIGGER ideas and incentives/rewards.  I still agree!  I am so appreciative of the conversations I've had since, and I...


How Do We Make Everyone Happy? (It's not really a choice)

Members and Friends -  Years ago, I was enjoying a super debate with a product marketer I met at Greenbuild, and he stopped for a moment mid-thought and seemed to disclose, “You know, I just want to be honest. I am not a tree hugger.  I think sustainability is a great ...


Leadership by Example: Sharing Project Stories

Members and Friends -  Recently, I feel I am seeing more specific experiences and lessons learned shared in our sustainable and healthy building space, and I want to say that giving this type of information to the wider community makes a huge difference. Leadership by example i...


We Want Your Spookiest Building Stories!

Hello Rate It Green Members and Friends!   We've been thinking about this idea of sharing our "scariest stories" and project examples for a while now, but it's October so it seems like a particularly good time to put out the call for your scary experience...


Humidity Control - Protecting Your Investment, and Health - Our September Green Building News

Hello, Rate It Green Members and Friends! Fall is the perfect time to talk about humidity. And even fight about it? Things might be cooling down where you are, the windows might be open, your systems might be off… So, what could be the problem?  A lot.  You mig...


How Much Do We (All) Really Know About Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? - Our August News

  Welcome to our August Green Building News! This month, I am excited to kick off what I trust will be an impactful set of conversations on indoor air quality.  If you’re reading this news, then you’re part our larger green building community and likely believe tha...


#1920sMakeoverATL Deep Energy Retrofit Update

Check out the progress at the #1920sMakeoverATL Deep Energy Retrofit Showhouse, or as some of us call it now, "Learning House."  Follow along with the team! From our recent news:  Environmental testing has been completed at the #1920sMakeoverATL retrofit project fo...


Choosing Green Building Certifications: A Builder's Perspective - Our July News

Ths month, we're excited to share thoughts with you from Green Builder Matt Hoots, of Design-Build firm Sawhorse, Inc.  If you've been following along in our recent news and posts, you're likely aware that Matt is working with some great partners, including Architect ...


Important Conversations about Electrification - Rate It Green's June News

Members and Friends:  As extreme weather continues to increase energy demand at home and globally, particularly for air conditioning, it’s a critical time to talk about building electrification.  For more information and links to related discussions and articles, check out ...


The #1920sMakeoverATL Virtual Pre-Construction Show House Tour has launched! - Rate It Green's May News

Friends and Community Members -  This month, green building meets virtual reality!  We are excited to share the first of THREE Virtual Reality Tours for the #1920sMakeoverATL whole house deep energy retrofit project - LIVE NOW!  Matt Hoots of Sawhorse, Inc, an...


The Lawn Care Revolution - From Gas To Electric Landscaping - Rate It Green's April News

Friends and Members -  I hope you are all well.  Here at Rate It Green, we’re excited to see sustainability priorities taking off in a positive direction, and we appreciate our continued opportunity to be a part of the green building and related decarbonization and equity m...


Thank You, Green Dot Sign for our Awesome New Rate It Green Sustainable Sign!

Check out this video where Matt Hoots "unboxes" our new sustainable Rate It Green sign, courtesy of Rate It Green Member Company, Green Dot Sign!  We love working with Gretchen and Simon at Green Dot Sign, and we will be happy to show off this awesome aspen sign in Matt's Y...


Rate It Green's August News: Our First 15 Green Building Videos - and a YouTube Subscription Challenge

In our August News, we asked Rate It Green's Members to help us pass the 100 Member mark for our new YouTube channel, to help unlock some key features.  Mission accomplished and in record speed.  Thanks everyone! Over 50 Members and friends responded!   We also...


Rate It Green's July News: Be a part of a Green Building YouTube World Premiere!

Rate It Green's July News is out, and Rate It Green's Youtube Channel is officially launched!    Recently, we had the opportunity to watch a Rate It Green "World Premiere" video, and it was so much fun.  The film literally counts back 10...


Green Building Melting Pot - A Quick Look at Our 100 Most Recent Company Members

Who’s joining the Rate It Green community, and how are we evolving? We were curious at to what we'd learn if we took a snapshot of the most recent 100 companies to become Rate It Green Members. I was pleased to see the diversity we’re seeing as we ...


Spotlight on GreenCE Inc., our Newest Premium Listed Company

  We’re pleased to introduce GreenCE, Inc. as a sponsor for the Rate It Green platform. GreenCE is an AIA Education Provider and USGBC Education Partner based in the Portland, Oregon area. GreenCE provides free AIA continuing education for design professionals seeking their...


Rate It Green's Open Green Building Calendar

  We're excited to announce the launch of Rate It Green's open Green Building Calendar. More than the tool itself and the events we can now host and promote, this calendar represents the idea of expanding collaboration. As a platform, Rate It Green of course facilita...


Post Election '16 - What Can You Do?

Rate It Green is not a political organization to be sure, but this community resource supports the natural environment by working with others to lessen the impact of the built environment.  We promote healthy and sustainable building practices, and it's our goal to help as many people...


See you in New Orleans!

Allison Friedman will be attending the Healthy Building Materials Summit and Greenbuild October 21 - 25, in New Orleans.  Email if you are also attending and want to meet in person.  Here's to a great week! 


Build YOUR Ideal Rate It Green!

With Rate It Green's Community features now live, it's now time to build YOUR ideal Green Building Community!  Ideas for participation include: Create a Profile, and show off your talents and expertise Register Your Company and List your Products and Services R...