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Happy New Year, 2024!! Looking back at Top 2023 News, and Some Sneak Previews for 2024!

placeholder+imagePosted on: 12/27/2023

Rate It Green Members and Friends - 

Happy New Year!  Thanks for all you do, and here's to an AMAZING 2024!  

We expect great things from this new year!  Whether you celebrate recent COP28 Results or feel anxious about insufficient progress, perhaps we can agree that 2023 was a year of foundation building and stage setting.  We can then think of 2024 then as a year of great framing, where the structure and promising opportunities really come together more rapidly, where we can see tangible gains from the hard work that has come before.  We are about to experience great, visible and mainstream change for the better! Some things to look forward to: 

  • IRA rebate funds will kick in in 2024.  We've only just begun to see the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on energy efficiency and clean energy efforts.
  • Electrification and energy efficiency efforts will increase exponentially as people learn more about available tax credits and rebates. 
  • Indoor air quality awareness will also grow, spurred by more adoption of indoor air quality monitoring and continuing technological advances. 
  • Renewable energy growth will continue - because it just makes sense from every perspective, and incentives will only aid the adoption process. 
  • Climate change recognition and commitments will continue to increase.

Importantly, perhaps 2024 will be a year where we can take much of the politics and strife out of many sustainability discussions, and we can positively build more healthy and sustainable buildings! We look forward to working together to figure out the best ways to reach a time when everyone has a healthy and sustainable building in which to live, work, learn, and play. 

Here's a sneak peek at some exciting 2024 Rate It Green plans: 

  • Expect to hear more about the #1920sMakeverATL deep energy Passive House retrofit, led by Matt Hoots of Sawhorse, Inc. Matt and his colleagues are leading by example, sharing installation videos, expertise, and lessons learned, so that everyone else can benefit from their experiences on site. 
  • Get ready for a thorough introduction to HVAC systems, an 8-part series for consumers and also to share ideas with professionals for talking through how we can educate and better partner with consumers.
  • A complete redesign of our platform is in the planning stages! We're eager to hear what you'd like to see; please reply or connect if you'd like to be part of that effort.  

Thank you for your participation and support in 2023.  Our sincere thanks also go to our Premium Members and Sponsors, as you help us continue to improve this resource for everyoneThis community drives us to build the biggest, open green building resource and network we can.  We're excited to keep sharing and promoting your stories, news, and events, and we look forward to great things to come in 2024.  As always, we welcome your feedback, ideas, and continued partnership as we work together to transform our buildings and to ensure a better built environment and environment for all.  We warmly encourage you to add your voice, and share what you're thinking, for yourself and others. We can do so much more as a community! 

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Thank you,
Allison Friedman, Matt Hoots

& The Rate It Green Team