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Are You a Green Influencer? (You just might be!, even if you don't know it yet!)

placeholder+imagePosted on: 06/23/2022

Rate It Green Members and Friends - 

Are you a Green Influencer?  (And what do we mean by that?) The good news is that you just might be, whether you know it yet or not.  This question isn't meant to make you self analyze or worry, but to get excited and feel inspired.  In our last news, we explored what community learning and sharing might ideally look like, and we shared some fun and different examples (including David Bearg's house!).  Well, this month we've got a great new answer - and example - for you:  #GreeenInfluencerATL. Yeah, they have their own hash tag!

#GreenInfliencerATL is a group of Atlanta-area builders, designers, architects, raters, engineers, real estate agents, and others (including a mayor) who are both meeting in person and sharing information online.  The requirements for joining the group are a sincere interest in making the Atlanta area (and also, beyond, through content creation) a more sustainable place to live, and a commitment to sharing what one is learning with others.  That's it! 

One of the most exciting aspects of #GreenInfliencerATL is that they are making a concerted effort to learn out in the field  They're visiting manufacturers, setting up lunch and learns, visiting projects.  While you might imagine I'd be focusing on the online aspects of information sharing, the thing is you can do BOTH. and have it all  I believe in connecting online because we can't always be together, and we can't always share information widely enough one-on-one, in small gatherings, and even at larger events where it's still mostly a smaller industry circle, or specific industry segments, gathering.  Why not do all we can!  So #GreenInfliencerATL is meeting in person and is leveraging and strengthening their community while also sharing what they're learning with the rest of us.  Think of what it would be like if there were groups like this everywhere!

So, while these Green Influencers will be reporting on what they're up to, we will be reporting on them!  Green Builder Matt Hoots created a group on Rate It Green called #GreenInfliencerATL, and you can already see the first few events and news items: 

Stay tuned for more from this group! This seems to be the start of something really exciting for this group, and for the rest of us they have committed to bringing everyone along for the ride.  Let's watch this movement gain momentum!  I am open to ideas on how we can best be supportive to this group and to everyone else who has green building ideas, news or a story to share.  Keep in mind you don't need to already be a green influencer or thought leader!  Even sharing what vexes you or your questions is a way to help everyone take a step forward in a more sustainable direction.  Also, if you're also sharing what you're learning, give a shout as we should be cheerleading your efforts as well!     

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