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What Happens In Vegas... (Will We See You There?) Let's Create Some Great Green Building Content!

placeholder+imagePosted on: 02/20/2024

Rate It Green Members and Friends -  

I know, the leading image for this email shows some serious wattage and doesn't really make me think first about green building.  And yet, suddenly it seems like everyone I know is heading to Vegas next week for the International Builders' Show. That includes Green Builder and Rate It Green Content Partner Matt Hoots of Sawhorse, Inc.!  I encourage you to connect with Matt to say hello, or to share your expertise or to introduce your company and what you do! And yes, I am a bit jealous.  Many Rate It Green Members will also be there including AprilAireBroan Nu-ToneCertainTeed LLCCosentinoPanasonicPLAEX Building Systems Inc.RainStick ShowerROCKWOOLRubio Monocoat, and WarmBoard, Inc.! 

While IBS isn't a green-focused event, the thing is that green building is just smart building. This is such a large event that there will be many green builders and green building companies attending, and it's easy enough to identify several education sessions that are more focused on high performance, energy efficiency, electrification and health. Have we missed a more sustainable session on our calendar post? Let me know!  

You can of course absolutely have an impact at a building event that isn't green building focused. First of all, there will be plenty of companies with sustainable offerings on the trade show floor.  Seek these companies out, and check out their new offerings. Second, ask your tough and leading edge questions of these and other companies.  Time and time again, I ask for health and environmental impact related information and I really still get a range from no available information to an impressive report, with everything in between as well. We have to keep asking so companies know what's important and where to direct their investments.  At a giant event like this, there will also be so many opportunities to network.  Who have you wanted to meet? While I encourage all the online information sharing I can and for so many reasons, I of course recognize that in person opportunities to connect are priceless. 

Finally, there are also opportunities to create great green building content - and IBS and beyond of course.  Check out this recent video of Matt Hoots addressing comments about heat pumps and cold weather in response to a video he made with Mitsubishi on the show floor.  In this email, we'll also share other examples of company and product introductions from the show floor.  Are you at the show next week and want to make a video with Matt? or, would you like to connect about video content even if you aren't attending? Reply to this email, and let's collaborate. 

What happens in Vegas should sometimes stay in Vegas... but not always! Great green building stories and examples and expertise should be shared, and burning questions should be asked so we can all learn from the answers.  I look forward to hearing your highlights and news! 

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