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Greening Your Campus - by Buildings or by Bottles
Gina Pryciak Jul 12, 2019

Incorporating sustainable practices into education is a great way to promote the importance of green building and sustainable living in the lives of the new generation. On college campuses this is... Read More

In the Face of Towering CO2 Emissions, These 4 Cities Are Making Carbon Neutral Buildings a Reality
AidanAnthony Jul 02, 2019

Buildings are just like you and me; they’re complex, have a large energy intake, and produce a lot of GHGs (greenhouse gases). They also haven’t become significantly more energy... Read More

Evolution of a Tiny House Company
Ronf Jun 13, 2019

Evolution of a Tiny House Company BML Brands - Building Meaningful Lives 6 years ago, two men crossed paths on the internet, one with a background in franchise development and design and the... Read More

Communities Across the US are Committing to 100% Renewable Energy Updates
ella.nielsen44 May 21, 2019

Early this May, Washington State has become the fifth state to establish a 100 percent clean energy target, following closely behind California, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico. More and more... Read More

Defining Moments in the Birth and History of the Global GreenTag Certification Program

In this interview with David Baggs, CEO & Program Director of Global GreenTag International, we ask a series of questions about the genesis and evolution of the Global GreenTag Product... Read More

eWaste - A Growing Local and Global Problem
AbbieKnight Apr 09, 2019

“E-waste” is the disposal of electronic products or components that are broken or obsolete, for example, computers, televisions, VCRs, etc. Electronics have always produced waste,... Read More

Research Shows Carbon Dioxide Emissions Increased 3.4% in 2018 - Power Generation and Transportation are Key Culprits
Eileen Flynn Mar 26, 2019

Research shows that U.S. carbon dioxide emissions rose an estimated 3.4% in 2018. This is an unfortunate and significant increase compared to prior years, and scientists say it is the opposite... Read More

Green Schools – Enhancing Health, Wellness and Academic Performance
Suelen Ribeiro Mar 05, 2019

Students spend the majority of their day at school during their most crucial development years. In this time schools must be a creative thinking space, source inspiration and develop responsibility.... Read More

7 Smart Buildings Taking Innovation to the Next Level

What’s next in the evolution of smart buildings? Everything is pointing toward big data and making greener decisions based on energy analytics.  These smart buildings... Read More

The Green New Deal - An Introduction
AbbieKnight Jan 03, 2019

Years ago, a New Deal was developed during the Roosevelt administration. The deal was made up of social and economic reforms as well as public works projects. The deal provided economic recovery and... Read More