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Increasing Green Building Performance with High Technology
Suelen Ribeiro Sep 23, 2017

New means of building development are being sought to reach the highest possible level of performance with reduction of the consumption and waste generated. One goal is to create buildings that... Read More

5 Soundproofing Ideas for a Quieter Home
Kirei USA Sep 12, 2017

Looking to create a quieter and more comfortable home? Soundproofing may be just what you need.  In soundproofing your space, the aim is to reduce sound vibrations and reflections around a room,... Read More

“Go Boston” Outlines an Exciting Future for the Public Transportation in Boston, and Beyond
Jack_Benoit Sep 04, 2017

As part of a vision for a greener future in transportation, Boston has recently developed a plan that will reshape the city’s fabric over the next several decades. Officially known as The Go... Read More

Top Ways Green Building Helps Companies Go Green
Suelen Ribeiro Jul 31, 2017

Nowadays, companies try to become sustainable because they worry about the environment and also about their innovation and growth within the entrepreneurial market. The market is increasingly... Read More

Study Finds Green Homes in Texas Show Increase in Value by $25,000
AbbieKnight Jul 12, 2017

The University of Texas at Austin and the United States Green Building Council conducted a new study that suggests new homes in Texas that are built to meet green building standards such as LEED... Read More

Green Options for Your Home Exterior Walls
Bautex Systems, LLC Jun 27, 2017

The world today is constantly making efforts to go green and what better way to join the green revolution than to start at home. Green homes are designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable.... Read More

Carbon Pricing: Transitioning from Fossil Fuels to Renewables
Matt Z. Jun 23, 2017

In 2016, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels exceeded 400 parts-per-million for the first time and are predicted to stay above that threshold, perhaps for the rest of our lifetime. To no surprise, 2016... Read More

Healthy Soil - One Solution to Climate Change?
AbbieKnight Jun 15, 2017

It is known that healthy soil can create productive farmlands; however, Kate Scow believes soil can also be used to store carbon. When you think of a defense against climate change, soil is not... Read More

Green Building Community Affirms Commitment in Reaction to Paris Accord Withdrawal
AbbieKnight Jun 12, 2017

On Thursday, June 1, President Donald Trump announced that America would withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, an agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change... Read More

Investing in Green Building Can Lead to Better Health and Productivity
Matt Z. Jun 12, 2017

Some clear reasons to build green include the environmental benefits as well as the lower energy costs of green buildings. However, a third main reason that may not be as obvious involves the health... Read More