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Is Apple Going Into the Renewable Energy Industry?

by JackSawyer // Student

Apple has recently formed a subsidiary called Apple Energy, it plans to focus on Apple's renewable energy initiatives as well as potentially open up new business ventures for the tech giant. Apple has…

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AUGUST 11th: The Art of Reuse Event @ Newmarket Millspace

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

The Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) cultivates, educates, and inspires the student-led zero waste movement. They inform students about the waste crisis and equip them with the necessary skills and…

Energy from Waste Conference 2018, February 28- March 1, London

by AbbieKnight

Now in its 14th year, Energy from Waste is the premier conference in the UK and Europe driving new technology discussion, operational efficiency, best practice and compliance in the global energy from…

UK Green Building

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Fall WasteWise Forum, November 8th, Westborough, MA

by Phillip304 // Green Research & Development Analyst

The WasteWise forum, hosted by E.L. Harvey and Sons, will focus on keeping the recycling stream free of contamination, including expert advice from operators of materials recovery facilities (MRFs), a…

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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IE Expo China 2019, April 15-17, Shanghai

by AbbieKnight

IE Expo China 2019 taking place from April 15 to 17, 2019,  at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, which will cover all the high potential markets in environmental area:

· Water and

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Throwaway Nation: The Ugly Truth about American Garbage, by Jeff Dondero

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

According to author Jeff Dondero, "Americans are burying ourselves in our own waste.  It’s befouling our air, land, waters, food, and bodies.”  In Throwaway Nation,&nbs

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Free Webinar: Designing Waste, Presented by Harvard Business School, October 30, 11 - 11:30 am

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Can waste become the raw material for a better designed, less exploitative, more beautiful world? The waste generated in designing and making products and building cities has often been an afterthough

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Fall 2020 WasteWise Forum (Webinar), November 11, 10 am - 12 pm

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

The Fall 2020 WasteWise Forum is particularly relevant for Massachusetts businesses and institutions that generate food waste. Presentations will include information on the commercial organics waste b

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Virtual Conference: MEGA Navigating the Emerging Energy Environment, November 17-18

by SarahA

Join A&WMA for the 13th MEGA Symposium on the emerging energy environment! 

The A&WMA MEGA Symposium will examine the various perspectives on electric power issues as the ind

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Live Online: Re-Writing Development Rules for Prosperity, Sustainability & Equity, January 12, 10 am - 4 pm EDT

by Richard Minasian // Student

More jobs and more affordable housing are top social goals. There is also a desire to remedy traffic congestion, environmental damage and the budget strain associated with wasteful and

MassRecycle Virtual Conference and Trade Show, April 15 - 16

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

MassRecycle will host this conference virtually over the course of two days on Thursday, April 15th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and Friday, April 16th from 8:30am to 1:00pm. Come spend two days learnin

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Landfill Waste Becomes Building Insulation! - Free CE Webinar by GreenHome Institute, June 23, 12-1 pm EDT

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Can a textile recycling company divert what is traditionally landfilled waste from waste streams to create building insulation? How? 

In this session, you will learn how landfill waste becomes

Michigan Green Building

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Webinar: Landfill Waste Becomes Building Insulation, June 23, 12-1 PM EDT

by Richard Minasian // Student

Can a textile recycling company divert what is traditionally landfilled waste from waste streams to create building insulation? How?

Lessons Learned:

  1. Understand the scale of textile waste ove

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Green Building Advocacy

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Online Event: Wipe Out Waste: Mad Architecture Employs Radical Circularity, May 5, 12 pm EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

A contemporary office building in Oslo is designed and built of 80% recycled materials.

A wooden railing from an old public swimming pool is transplanted as a new staircase. A ceiling grate from a

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