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PACE Financing for Green Building

by NathanKashdan // Student

An increasingly popular way of financing any green building retrofit is PACE Financing. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing could lead the way to making green retrofitting more afforda…

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Free Webinar - Financing Multifamily Affordable Housing Retrofits: Updates on Healthcare Sector Resources - April 10, 3-4 pm

by AbbieKnight

Please join the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative to learn about financing resources from the healthcare sector to support repairs of affordable multifamily housing that improve health, safety and ener…

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Equity and Green Building

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Webinar: Financing Energy Efficiency for Public Buildings, August 27, 9 AM CDT

by Richard Minasian // Student

Join CELC for a primer on major categories of financing for energy efficiency upgrades, renewables, and resilience. Categories include internal funding, debt financing, and Public-Private Partner

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Bridge to 2030: Building Electrification Webinar, March 16, 9 am EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

The Bridge to 2030 educational series invites audiences to delve into topics integral to 2030 District progress throughout Pennsylvania, including energy, water, transportation, indoor air quality, an

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Pennsylvania Sustainability Group

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How to get FULL value for your GREEN Home: Key Points to Consider in Buying and Selling

by Rate It Green Team

If you've got 5 minutes to learn about protecting the value of what is likely to be your key asset, it's worth giving Green Builder Matt Hoots a listen.  Matt teamed up with Green R

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