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Bourbon Rain Barrel Workshop at Broad Leaf Local Beer, December 12, 6-7:30 pm, Kentwood, MI

by mkilmartin // Intern

WMEAC is excited to be partnering with our friends at Broad Leaf Local Beer to host a Bourbon Rain Barrel Workshop! If you'd like to build the rain barrel with us and learn about stormwater manage

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Michigan Green Building

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Virtual Conference: MEGA Navigating the Emerging Energy Environment, November 17-18

by SarahA

Join A&WMA for the 13th MEGA Symposium on the emerging energy environment! 

The A&WMA MEGA Symposium will examine the various perspectives on electric power issues as the ind

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Basics of Residential Green Building and Remodeling - Session 3: Health and Materials, August 4, 12pm- 1pm EDT

by SarahA

Session 3 will continue our dicussion on another key pillar of Green Building: Health

Healthy and comfort are top priorities, especially with more people working from home. Event companie

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Third Coast Water Seminars: Hydrologic Performance of the NPCC Green Roof, August 25, 4-5 PM EDT

by Richard Minasian // Student

The Third Coast Water Seminars are a monthly research series hosted by Current in partnership with Argonne National LaboratoryNorthwestern University, the University of Illinois Urban

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Illinois Green Building Group

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