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France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants Or Solar Panels

by Chelsea W. // Student

French environmentalists cheered as France passed a law mandating all new buildings being built in commercial zones must be partially covered in either plants or solar panels. This law will stimulate …

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Massachusetts Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee - Legislative Hearing on Carbon Pricing, Tuesday October 12th

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Legislative Hearing on Carbon Pricing Tuesday, October 27, 12pm – 3pm (we're expecting this to be a long hearing covering many bills, so we'll use some of the time to make visits to our representat…

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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MA State House: Energized To Discuss New Energy Bill

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

This past Wednesday, there was tension in the Massachusetts House, as state representatives began debating a new energy bill. The bill requires MA utilities to seek out long-term contracts to purchase…

Germany calls for gas/diesel car ban by 2030

by Kalyani.rc // Passive House / Sustainability Enthusiast

Germany isn't content with relying on financial incentives to usher in an era of pollution-free cars. The country's Bundesrat (federal council) approved a resolution that calls for a ban on new intern…

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Regional and State Energy Policy Update, September 7 in Portland ME

by AbbieKnight

Regional Energy Policy - Clean Energy Procurement In 2017, Massachusetts called out for proposals for 1200 megawatts (MW) of clean energy and 1600 MW of offshore wind. Bids have been submitted for …

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NCSE 2020 Annual Conference January 6–9, Washington, D.C.

by abu417 // Climate Connoisseur. Eco-Maniac. Solar Sommelier.

The NCSE 2020 Annual Conference engages more than 800 leaders from the sciences, education, government, policy, business, and civil society to foster a dialogue across these sectors on environmental p

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Webinar: World Green Building Week - The Road to COP26, September 22, 11 am BST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Join UKGBC during World Green Building Week, for which the theme is “Act on Climate”. We are choosing to use this moment as a milestone on the Road to COP26, to shine a spotlight on the le

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UK Green Building

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Online: USGBC OH Community Connections Webinar: Women in Green, October 8, 1pm EDT

by kaleigh.stirrat // Intern & Emerging Professional in Architecture

During this moderated discussion panel, we will spotlight the impact of strong women leaders in the energy efficiency and green building industry. This session highlights just a few women in Ohio who

Virtual Conference: MEGA Navigating the Emerging Energy Environment, November 17-18

by SarahA

Join A&WMA for the 13th MEGA Symposium on the emerging energy environment! 

The A&WMA MEGA Symposium will examine the various perspectives on electric power issues as the ind

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Investing Your Firm in Social Justice Policies, Programs & Practices, November 18, 1pm EDT

by SarahA

Learn how to to help your firm/organization optimize policies and practices that improve social equity and enhance employee engagement.

About the Event:

Join the Chicago Living Future Colla

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Illinois Green Building Group

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Resilient Connecticut (Virtual) Summit, Presented by CTGBC, November 20, 9am - 11:45am EDT

by SarahA

During the Summit, participants will:

  • Explore the relationship between equity, environmental justice, and climate change;
  • Learn about new tools and policies to assess and address climate vulne

Virtual Event: Energy Efficiency and Climate Policy Forum, December 3

by samanthaklein // Intern

ACEEE research has found that energy efficiency can halve U.S. energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. With growing interest in policies to address global climate change, as well as a ne

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Webinar: Policy for the Architect Advocate, January 19, 6:30 pm EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Regulations effect the work of architects, planners, and designers. While policy advocacy may not be part of your day-to-day workflow and policymaking may seem far afield from your skillset, you may b

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Webinar: Massachusetts Environmental and Energy Agenda for 2021, January 20, 4 pm EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

This EBC Leadership webinar will feature Kathleen Theoharides, Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For her keyn

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Webinar: Protecting Coastal Resources and Structures, Part 1 – The Intersection of Nature, Science and Policy, January 27, 9 am EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

The pressure to protect coastal properties from storm damage and erosion due to sea level rise and more intense and more frequent coastal storms is increasing. Property owners, from residential homeow

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Online: 2021 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference, Presented by Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, February 16 - 19

by SarahA

The Midwest Energy Solutions Conference is the region's premier energy efficiency event.

Once a year, MEEA invites all energy stakeholders to gather at the annual Midwest Energy Solutions

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Illinois Green Building Group

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Webinar: Climate Mobilization Act Primer, Presented by BEExNY March 16, 1 pm EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Get informed on New York City climate legislation and its impact on buildings. Register now for the Climate Mobilization Act Primer, a one-hour seminar examining the basic principles of the Clima

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New York Green Building Group

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Virtual Event: Sustainability Week - Countdown to COP26, October 4-7

by samanthaklein // Intern

As COP26 approaches can governments, corporations and private businesses change how society works in order to meet the Paris agreement targets on time?

Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP26, hear

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USGBC Florida Presents: Leadership in Resilience -- Buildings, People, Policies & Plans, January 28, 12 pm EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Investors, clients, and local governments are driving demand for resilient buildings and communities, as the global building sector balances long-term investments amidst ever-changing climate risks. L

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Florida Green Building Group

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Getting to Zero Forum, Live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Virtual, May 10 - 12, 2023

by GTZ

The Getting to Zero Forum is the premier event dedicated to zero energy and zero carbon buildings. With a growing number of climate emergencies across the United States and ar

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Virtual Event: Electrify Efficiently -- Good Electrification for Policy and Program Professionals, January 24, 12 pm PT

by samanthaklein // Intern

Electrify My Home (EMH) will kick off a 6-part ‘lunch-and-learn’ webinar series focused on home electrification. The Electrify Efficiently webinar series will highlight the tremendous

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Free Event - Live Stream and in Weston, MA: City and Suburbs: Addressing Climate Change and Equity Together, June 6, 7:30 pm ET

by samanthaklein // Intern

Join MetroWest Climate Solutions and special guest the Rev. Mariama White-Hammond for a discussion on the intersection of climate change and questions of equity. As a lifelong resident, pastor, and ac

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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