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Is Apple Going Into the Renewable Energy Industry?

by JackSawyer // Student

Apple has recently formed a subsidiary called Apple Energy, it plans to focus on Apple's renewable energy initiatives as well as potentially open up new business ventures for the tech giant. Apple has…

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California's Nuclear Energy Coming to a Close

by JackSawyer // Student

PG&E, one of California's largest energy utilities, announced on June 21st that it will be closing its last running nuclear power plant in California, the Diablo Canyon, within the next decade! This i…

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California Green Building

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Solar Power Expected to see Sixfold Growth

by JackSawyer // Student

The International Renewable Energy Agency has recently come out with an encouraging prediction for solar energy - they expect it to grow sixfold by 2030. This projected growth is supported by the unde…

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California Sets New Solar Production Record

by JackSawyer // Student

California continues to make tremendous progress towards harnessing 50% of it's energy from renewable sources by 2030, and news coming out this week reinforces that, as the state has managed to set a …

California Green Building

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Cloud Services Turning to Renewable Energy

by JackSawyer // Student

The cloud - a service many of us use to extend our phone's and computer's storage by uploading information to remote servers - consume a lot of electricity to stay operational. In fact, in 2013 data c…

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Greentech Media Webinar: Making Energy Storage Work for Utilities, November 17, 2 pm EST

by aahassonjee

Making Energy Storage Work for Utilities Thursday, November 17, 2 pm EST Join Greentech Media, leaders from Puget Sound Energy and the Snohomish County Public Utilities District, along with Doosan…

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New York Green Building Group

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NFMT - Energy and Utilities Management, March 26-28, Baltimore, MD

by ella.nielsen44 // Student

Energy and Utility Management is geared towards operating your facilities with a best practices in utility management including cost savings, environmental stewardship and federal or local regulations

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Arizona Public Service Company (APS) Announces a Commitment to Carbon-Free Energy Production by 2050

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Arizona Public Service Company (APS) CEO Jeff Guldner announced that the company will produce all electricity from carbon-free sources by 2050 and will produce 45% of power from renewable sources by 2

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FREE Webinar: The Role of Electric Utilities & Hydrogen Generation in the Energy Transition, August 20, 10 am MDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

The Colorado Hydrogen Network is presenting a series of free webinars in collaboration with Colorado Cleantech Industries Association, Denver Metro Clean Cities and the Colorado Energy Research C

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Colorado High Performance and Passive House Building Group

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FREE Webinar: Virus & VOC Free Air Quality Options by Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT), January 19, 2 pm EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

If you're trying to retrofit a system based on current dimensions or you're looking to create a whole new system design, this webinar will show you options that can solve the tough heating and

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