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A Window Into International Climate Policy

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Since the 1970s, the climate community has worked tirelessly to establish a credible scientific basis for anthropogenic climate change. Though climate change deniers still exist, ever since the Intern…

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COP21: What Does the Paris Agreement Do - And Not Do?

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Thanks to expansive and comprehensive media coverage, millions of people have heard or seen the words “COP21” or the “Paris Agreement” at some point in the past year, and millions more people …

COP21: Will The Agreement Remain a Climate Change Success Story?

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

As the negative impacts of climate change become more imminent and dire, it becomes necessary for all countries to band together in the fight against climate change. The 2015 COP21 convention gives us…

Corporations are Becoming Major Players in Renewable Energy Growth - PPAs are a Key Factor

by JackSawyer // Student

With the Paris Agreement having set aggressive climate goals and the price of renewable energy getting cheaper, more and more corporations are adopting clean energy in order to become more economical …

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Are Renewable Energies Reversing Progress on Climate Goals in Some Ways?

by JackSawyer // Student

Renewable energy sources have seen great progress in the last decade, with significant innovation and growth, especially since the Paris Agreement was signed lasted fall. However, with their embraceme…

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Mayors Step Up to Fill Climate Change Leadership Gap

by AbbieKnight

On Monday, June 26, The United States Conference of Mayors, including both Republican and Democratic mayors from across the nation, met in Miami and adopted several resolutions to fight climate change…

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Virtual Event: Sustainability Week - Countdown to COP26, October 4-7

by samanthaklein // Intern

As COP26 approaches can governments, corporations and private businesses change how society works in order to meet the Paris agreement targets on time?

Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP26, hear

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AIA Webinar: The Carbon Balance of the Built Environment, November 18, 8:30 am EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Carbon in the built environment is a larger contributor to global emissions that affect the climate. All participants of the Paris Climate Agreement have to meet certain GHG reduction targets. Meeting

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COP28 - Is this Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

by Rate It Green Team

The 28th COP, or Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, took place in Dubai from November 20 to December 13, 2023. If you're an optimist, you might think it&rs

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