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A Window Into International Climate Policy

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Since the 1970s, the climate community has worked tirelessly to establish a credible scientific basis for anthropogenic climate change. Though climate change deniers still exist, ever since the Intern…

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COP21: What Does the Paris Agreement Do - And Not Do?

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Thanks to expansive and comprehensive media coverage, millions of people have heard or seen the words “COP21” or the “Paris Agreement” at some point in the past year, and millions more people …

COP21: Will The Agreement Remain a Climate Change Success Story?

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

As the negative impacts of climate change become more imminent and dire, it becomes necessary for all countries to band together in the fight against climate change. The 2015 COP21 convention gives us…

Dubai Sets Ambitious Goals To Go Green

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

After a recent convening of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, it seems that Dubai is committed to invest in green energy. In fact, Dubai will be the first city in the Middle East and North Africa (…

Brexit: Environmental Uncertainty In the UK

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

The passing of the Brexit referendum marks a blaring environmental conundrum: how will Brexit effect green business and green building in the UK? The EU regulations on the environment and energy effic…

Virtual Event: Energy Efficiency and Climate Policy Forum, December 3

by samanthaklein // Intern

ACEEE research has found that energy efficiency can halve U.S. energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. With growing interest in policies to address global climate change, as well as a ne

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