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Reviewing the Top Benefits of Healthy Air at Home, with Aprilaire (Video)

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In this video, Patrick Dougherty shares an introduction to Aprilaire's whole house ventilation and healthy home solutions with Matt Hoots at the International Builders Show/Kitchen & Bathroom Show. Indoor air quality awareness and importance were already growing as homes have been increasingly built increasingly tighter in terms of air sealing and as building codes have evolved to promote and support better energy efficiency, comfort and health and safety.  The COVID-19 virus has only increased the importance of proper ventilation and air quality.  

HVAC products products carried by Aprilaire include air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation systems thermostats and controllers and zoned temperature control systems. According to Patrick, it’s all about controlling and conditioning the air we bring into our homes, so that occupants will be comfortable in addition to healthy, while also improving energy efficiency. 

Matt and Patrick talk briefly about removing moisture before air enters the home, which is particularly important in high humidity climates.  They also talk about leveraging the heat inside a house for colder climates through energy recovery ventilation (ERVs), to temper the air before it enters the home, to save both energy and comfort.     

Dehumidification can be stand alone or can be ducted in as part of a larger system. Less humidity is important to improving energy efficiency - an example given is that dehumidified air at 72 degrees fells like 68 degrees with greater humidity.  

Today’s tighter homes offer both the need and opportunity to control the fresh air that enters and leaves our homes.  Patrick and Matt agree this beats leaky homes and breathing crawl space air!

Why is healthy air important?  According to Aprilaire, 8 Top benefits of Healthy Air include: 

  1. Reduced Illness:  We breathe easier with lower contaminant levels
  2. Eliminating Pests: Better air quality means less dust, durt and mold 
  3. Alleviation of Allergies: Fewer allergens mean better breathing for everyone
  4. Reduced Pet Effects: Healthy air products lower pet dander levels
  5. Better Sleep: Fewer allergens generally mean sleep is less distracted
  6. Energy Efficiency Improvements: Proper humidity management can lower energy requirements 
  7. Increased Home Value: Investments in healthier homes tend to pay off
  8. Cleaning Benefits: A healthier home can require less energy to clean

What are your top clean air concerns or ideas about benefits?  What actions have you taken (or do you want to take) to manage the air entering and leaving your home?  What questions do you have about home ventilation and air quality? 

For additional information, keep watching our Aprilaire videos:

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Reviewing the Top Benefits of Healthy #Air at #Home, with Aprilaire (Video)



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