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An Introduction to Dorken: Air and Moisture Barriers for Residential and Commercial Building Products

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Sometimes, it's just so helpful to have a knowledgeable introduction from an experienced represenative, as you can learn information you're just not going to get in a brochure, or maybe at all.  In this sit down with Matt Hoots of Sawhorse, Inc., Peter Barrett walks us through Dorken's history and products and explains a bit about the company's divisions and naming.  Have you wondered who makes Delta MS and what else they do? Check out this video, or read the summary below.  

Dorken is a manufacturing company that delivers innovative, high-performance air and moisture barriers for commercial and residential construction. Dorken is divided into two separate wholly owned subsidiaries: Coatings and Membranes. Dorken Coatings offer protection for components, facades, or indoor walls with premium coating layers. Additionally, Coatings specializes in color systems and pastes, so that pigments are radiant using raw materials and efficient practices. Dorken Membranes products protect against wind and moisture by emphasizing building sealing and protection as well as flat roof drainage. The layers that exist within the membranes use some of the most modern urban architecture technology.


Dorken was founded by two brothers in Germany in 1897, and remains a family business in the same family today.  Dorken entered the North American market in 1997 when Cosella, a Canadian water-proofing protection business, saw a need and began importing Delta MS technology for foundations in Canada and eventually in the United States. Demand furst grew after Ontario began requiring that foundations be protected with drainage and damp-proofing. Dorken and Cosella joined forces to become a wholly owned North American company, Cosella-Dorken.


Delta MS, the company's most well-kown product, is used on basements to serve as a foundation protection system. Additionally, Dorken makes Delta Footing Barrier, which is layered onto the footing, and is worked into wet concrete. The product acts as a capillary break, allowing water to move through footing and away from the building, helping to control dampness. Dorken also makes air- and water-resistant barriers, both commercial grade and residential. These permeable barriers block air and liquids but not water vapor, and allow wall systems to dry out.  Dorken is most well-known in Europe for roof membranes. Since tile roofings are less common in North America, there is less demand for permeable roof membranes.

Matt's already worked with Dorken in residential construction for years, and has worked with the company's products for foundations and vapor barriers, and for a crawlspace project as well.  As he points out, from roofs to rain screens to foundations, and below the slab, Dorken does seem to have buildings "all wrapped up."  

For more information on Dorken products, visit Dorken's Listing on Rate It Green or visit their website.  Peter also mentions the Delta Acdemy, where the company provides free videos and other information on air and moisture barriers and related products and building science topics.  Matt warns that once you start watching, you might find you need to udget more time - as the videos are topical and compelling.  




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