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Webinar - Circular Economy meets LCA, October 25, 12-1 pm

by Aditya

Take your LCA to the next level—calculate your circularity!
Circular Economy and Life Cycle Assessment are two topics relevant to corporate and product sustainability. Many companies are seekin

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Webinar: Building Life Cycle Impact: Understanding the Impacts of Building Design, September 23, 11:45am MDT

by SarahA

The carbon impact of building materials is a critical factor in our planet’s future. Life cycle assessments (LCAs) can benefit designers and manufacturers while achieving the goals of green buil

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Webinar: Façade Design Using Lifecycle Carbon Analysis, March 30, 12 pm CST

by samanthaklein // Intern

For many years now, architects, engineers, and designers have regularly used building performance modeling to test various Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). These studies have routinely focused on

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Illinois Green Building Group

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