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Webinar: Incorporating Climate Solutions February 9th 12-1:15pm EST

by ChristinaC // Marketing Student

Webinar: Incorporating Climate Solutions into Day to Day Adaptation February 9th 12-1:15pm EST Join the Antioch University New England Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience and t…

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Project Drawdown Webinar on October 4, 1:15 pm

by AbbieKnight

Join SSF Managing Director, Edward Saltzberg, and Chip Comins, CEO and Charman of the American Renewable Energy Institute, in a 60 minutes webinar and conversation with Drawdown editor and Project Dra…

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NCSE Drawdown 2021 Conference - Research to Action: Science & Solutions for a Planet Under Pressure, Online, January 5-9, 2021

by Richard Minasian // Student

The NCSE Drawdown 2021 Conference will feature everything our community values from past NCSE Annual Conferences with the addition of an exciting new collaboration with Project Drawdown. Giv

EBC Leadership - Virtual Update from the MassDEP Headquarters Leadership Team, January 7, 9 am -12 pm

by Richard Minasian // Student

This annual EBC program will feature the leadership team from the headquarters of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). The webinar will provide EBC members, municipal of

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Massachusetts Green Builders

Keywords: Climate Change,Environmental Actvitism,Sustainability,MassDEP,Climate Solutions,EBC

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Clement Waters - Intentional Building Cohort, December 20 (every third Sunday), 1-2:30pm

by samanthaklein // Intern

Clement Waters is putting together the concept of eco-communities and agri-hoods that could lead the way to a world that uses green solutions in every street, nook and cranny of a town. Join in c

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Webinar: Affordable Housing is a Climate Solution: Working with Tenants to Make It Work, January 25, 12-1 pm EST (FREE)

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Affordable Housing is a Climate Solution is a 4-part webinar series that MCAN is co-hosting with the Boston Society for Architecture. The goal of this series is to start building a community of advoca

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Equity and Green Building

Keywords: Climate Change,Affordable Housing,Climate Solutions,Equity

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Webinar: Networking For Change, for Affordable and Healthy Housing in Massachusetts, February 2, 12-1 pm (Free)

by Richard Minasian // Student

This Networking for Change event brings together clean energy advocates and design professionals interested in opportunities to advocate for healthy, affordable housing across the Commonwealth. This n

Radio BE-Ex: Investing in Holistic Climate Solutions with Jamal Lewis, May 4, 1 pm EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

Tune in for the latest episode of Radio BE-Ex, where Jamal Lewis (Director of Climate, Energy, and Health at the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative) joins Yetsuh Frank to discuss equitable strategie

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Free Virtual Symposium: Innovative Energy and Climate Solutions for the Built Environment 2021, November 12-14

by samanthaklein // Intern

Climate change is a significant global issue. To reduce climate change, actions from every sector are required. The building sector has great potential to increase its use of clean energy, to use

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