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Webinar: Incorporating Climate Solutions February 9th 12-1:15pm EST

by ChristinaC // Marketing Student

Webinar: Incorporating Climate Solutions into Day to Day Adaptation February 9th 12-1:15pm EST Join the Antioch University New England Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience and t…

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Free Event: Community Resilience through Green Infrastructure, 2/21, 6:00 - 8:00PM, Pace University, NY

by Kalyani.rc // Passive House / Sustainability Enthusiast

Community Resilience through Green Infrastructure by NYC Urban Field Station Tuesday, February 21, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST Location: Pace University, 1 Pace Plaza, 1st Floor in the Aneillo Bia…

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New York Green Building Group

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June 29 - Best in the West Regional Webinar Series: Green Infrastructure & Resiliency in the Community

by AbbieKnight

Green infrastructure has direct and indirect benefits that make communities more resilient. The U.S. Western region continually faces challenges of earthquakes, fires, and extreme weather and side …

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Forum on Climate-Ready Buildings and Community Resilience in Affordable Housing, May 10, Boston, MA

by AbbieKnight

Hear from national and local resiliency experts and multifamily affordable housing developers about how they are preparing buildings and communities for extreme weather events, sea level rise, power o

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Equity and Green Building

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(New Dates!) Smart City Expo Curitiba 2020, June 18-19, Curitiba, Brazil

by abu417 // Climate Connoisseur. Eco-Maniac. Solar Sommelier.

On March 26 and 27, the third edition of the Smart City Expo Curitiba takes place in Curitiba. This year the event has the main theme "Smart Cities In Action" and has the institutional

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Brasil Green Building

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Webinar: The Role of Insurance in Risk Reduction and Infrastructure, October 6, 12 pm EDT

by PatPrince317 // Lifelong Learner and Green Energy Aficionado


The risk to critical infrastructure and property from extreme weather and climate change is rising. According to NOAA, the U.S. has experienced 10 extreme weather/climate disaster events so

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Free Webinar: Getting Buildings off Gas - Berkeley Electrification Community Meeting, May 4, 7 pm PST

by samanthaklein // Intern

Switching from polluting natural gas to clean electricity in our homes, offices, schools, business, and places of worship makes our community safer, healthier, and more resilient while reducing our ca

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California Green Building

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Webinar: Circular Economy & Green Economy, April 12, 11 am BST

by samanthaklein // Intern

This webinar will discuss the shift from linear economy (make, use, dispose) to conserve resources and ensure long term sustainability in Wales. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative

UK Green Building

Keywords: Circular Economy,Waste Management,Community Resilience

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Webinar: Building Resilience -- Community as a Building Block of Resilience, June 3, 2:30 pm EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

As American communities are confronted by compounded and systematic challenges, we need new models to build resilience for all people. Communities that are connected and empowered are better off today

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California Green Building

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