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Tuesday, August 9th: Steps Toward Achieving Advanced Energy Performance in Existing Buildings

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Steps Toward Achieving Advanced Energy Performance in Existing Buildings IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: ASHRAE 97% of the U.S. building stock are existing buildings. According to CBECS, these buildings ar…

U.S. Building Sector Emissions Down Again!

by ChristinaC // Marketing Student

The 2030 Challenge, which initially began in 2005, is ALL about lowering U.S. building sector energy consumption so that by the year 2030, all buildings/developments/renovations will be carbon neutral…

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Webinar: ASHRAE Global HQ: Designing for Net Zero (Part 1 of 2), September 29, 9-10:30am EST

by kaleigh.stirrat // Intern & Emerging Professional in Architecture

Join ASHRAE, AIA New York Committee on the Environment, and the Building Energy Exchange for this two-part series on planning and executing a successful commercial net-zero energy retrofit.

In Janu

Webinar: ASHRAE Global HQ: Energy Modeling for Net Zero Pt. 2, October 1, 9am EST

by kaleigh.stirrat // Intern & Emerging Professional in Architecture

For the second session of this two-part series, join Stanton Stafford, Managing Principal at Integral Group, and Shreshth Nagpal, Principal at Elementa Engineering, for a deep dive into the energy mod

Free Eversource Code Training: Whole House Mechanical Ventilation Options, June 15, 1-3 pm

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Homes are being built tighter and tighter with each passing energy code cycle which in turn requires mechanical ventilation be placed into the homes to decrease air born pollutants and moisture concer

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Connecticut Green Building

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Webinar: Community Heat Pump Systems: Piping, Pumping and System Controls, January 5, 2 pm ET

by samanthaklein // Intern

Heating buildings by burning fossil fuels causes significant emissions of greenhouse gases. Many states already recognize the need to move away from this and have established climate action goals to h

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New York Green Building Group

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