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An apartment building in Duluth receives an EPA award for energy efficiency

by Stella Ng'oma // Green building enthusiast

The EPA awarded the Steve O'Neil apartment building in Minnesota an EPA energy star certification for being 15% more energy efficient than most typical new construction. The building is said to be one…

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Webinar: Innovations in Hand Dryers: Improvements and Impacts on Sustainability, July 18

by GreenCE Sustainable Design and Construction

This one-hour course reviews the evolution of electric hand dryers and how today’s high-speed, energy efficient dryers minimize impacts on the environment while providing a speedy and efficient user…

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SPEER Clean Energy Exchange, April 8-9, Austin, Texas

by SPEER (South-Central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource)

CEE19 is the premier energy efficiency event for Texas & Oklahoma. We will be hosting Katharine Hayhoe and Jeff Butler as this year's keynotes. In addition to excellent keynote presentations, our form

The Intersection of Building Science and Building Materials, Online, October 20 -21

by SarahA

At the intersection of building science and building materials, Home Building Crossroads provides residential home construction professionals a chance to discuss challenges and hear solutions from tod

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Webinar: Weatherization Workshop, Presented by Center for EcoTechnology, October 28-29

by The Center for EcoTechnology (CET)

At this webinar, you will learn a number of easy DIY home weatherization techniques that will help seal up air leaks and make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Center for EcoTechnology

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Build A Better House Series: HVAC, Presented by Maine Indoor Air Quality Control Council, February 23 - 24

by SarahA

About the Program:  Building and renovating homes in Maine’s climate is a challenge. While most customers demand that their homes be constructed and renovated to minimize heat loss –

ICSD 2024 : 12th International Conference on Sustainable Development, 11 -12 September Rome, Italy

by icsd

European Center of Sustainable Development in collaboration with Canadian Institute of Technology will organize the 12th ICSD 2024 International Conference on Sustainable Development, with particular