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Feasibility of Implementing Passivhaus Standard for Tall Residential Buildings

by Kalyani.rc // Passive House / Sustainability Enthusiast

Highly energy-efficient and resilient buildings are crucial to the success of cities. As populations grow and cities become larger and denser, problems related to energy inefficiency are magnified and…

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Canada's largest Passive House building under construction in Vancouver

by Kalyani.rc // Passive House / Sustainability Enthusiast

Eighth Avenue, a real estate development group is currently developing a mixed-use project with 85 unit market rental building in the rapidly revitalizing/re-evolving neighborhood of the East Hastings…

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CalGreen & Energy Code Workshops, June 5, San Francisco, CA

by AbbieKnight

In 2008, California became the first state in the nation to include mandatory green building requirements in its building code. This groundbreaking step meant that every structure built in the state &

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California Green Building

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LEED for Homes Virtual Green Rater Training, Starts January 1 (14 hours over 2 weeks)

by Richard Minasian // Student

With over 2 million LEED® for Homes™ registered spaces worldwide, LEED is the international rating system to ensure residential buildings are better. LEED requires third-party on-site verifi

Online: Climate Mobilization Act Primer, January 26, 1pm - 2pm EST

by SarahA

Get informed on New York City climate legislation and its impact on buildings. Register now for the Climate Mobilization Act Primer, a one-hour seminar examining the basic principles of the Clima

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New York Green Building Group

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CalGreen vs Build It Green – What does it mean for our neighborhoods, February 18, 3:00pm EST

by SarahA

What does green building mean for an average homeowner? How does it translate into healthy living environment? CalGreen in plain terms.

Last year gave us a new Building Code, that brought green bui

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California Green Building

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Webinar: Basics of Residential Green Building and Remodeling - Session 4, August 18, 12 pm EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

Session 4 will continue our dicussion on the 3rd pillar of Green Building, Materials!

Keeping water from damaing homes and buildings should always supercede energy and health but goes hand in hand

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