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27 Images That Show the Horrible Effects our Lifestyle Choices Have on Nature

by Chelsea W. // Student

In all the hustle and bustle of day to day life, it is easy to forget why we have to fight so hard for the green movement to thrive. Then, we see articles like this that remind us that ALL of our effo…

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NY Officially Bans Fracking

by Chelsea W. // Student

Last week a monumental decision was made in New York State to officially ban high-volume hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”). Included in this decision was the release of the findings from the se…

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New York Green Building Group

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Energy Efficiency Progress: What We’ve Gained in 35 Years

by Chelsea W. // Student

A new report by the America Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, “Energy Efficiency in the United States: 35 Years and Counting," was released and found some truly incredible things. For one, yo…

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