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Denver to require rooftop gardens to reduce heat island effect

by Kalyani.rc // Passive House / Sustainability Enthusiast

Denver’s status as one of the nation’s most intense urban heat islands has spurred a group of activists to propose a “green roofs” ballot initiative — a measure that could animate environmen…

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Colorado High Performance and Passive House Building Group

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South:The Urban Heat Island and Its Hazards

by AbbieKnight

As the Bexar County metropolitan area expands, progressive replacement of natural surfaces with built surfaces inhibits atmospheric cooling. As a result, heat within the urban center increases, water …

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Texas Green Building

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Grey to Green Conference, April 4-5, Toronto

by AbbieKnight

Grey to Green is taking place in Toronto on April 4 & 5 and will highlight new policy, design practices, and innovative products in the green infrastructure sector. Our goal is to help inform

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