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Solar Impulse 2 - The First Aircraft to Circle the Globe Using Solar

by JackSawyer // Student

The Solar Impulse 2 has become the first solar powered aircraft to complete a trip around the world. Packing 17,000 solar cells in its wings, the Solar Impulse 2 harnessed energy from the sun to power…

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1 replies | 1557 views | Posted on: 07/25/2016 | Last updated: 08/01/2016

The Solar Impulse Legacy

by JackSawyer // Student

The Solar Impulse, a solar powered airplane that travelled around the world in 16 months, may not transform the airline industry just yet, but one of the immediate legacy's this feat will leave is an …

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Keywords: Solar Energy,Solar Impulse,Airplane,Legacy

0 replies | 1324 views | Posted on: 08/15/2016 | Last updated: 08/15/2016