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2019 Portland Green Building Slam, October 18, Portland, OR

by abu417 // Climate Connoisseur. Eco-Maniac. Solar Sommelier.

The Portland Green Building Slam is a fun, educational event. It features ten fast-paced, mind-blowing talks about remarkable and innovative green building projects. Get ready to be inspired as ten or

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Online Training: CALGreen Codes and Standards Education and Virtual Training, October 23,12 pm PST

by kaleigh.stirrat // Intern & Emerging Professional in Architecture

CALGreen is California’s first green building code and the first nation state-mandated green building code. It is formally known as the California Green Building Standards Code. The purpose of C

Free Webinar: Reflect Equity, Inclusion, and Conscious Communication in Your Projects, July 20, 12 pm CST

by samanthaklein // Intern

How are organizations and companies in the green building industry growing and learning around equity, inclusion, and conscious communication? Diversity, equity, and inclusion are hopefully famil

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Webinar: Supply Chain Challenges and the Impacts on Green Building, February 15, 1 pm EST

by samanthaklein // Intern

The impacts of the supply chain challenges are far reaching affecting budgets, timelines, and project goals. In this session will discuss with professionals in different specialty areas - general cont

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Missouri Green Building

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Free Green Building Webinar: Creating Flexible Spaces Using Vertical Openings, February 16, 12 pm EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

In this one-hour course, we’ll discuss vertical opening systems, how they’re built, differences in operation & typical usages for interior & exterior applications. We will also tal

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