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The Price of Solar Continues to Fall

by JackSawyer // Student

The price of both installation and buying solar panels is reaching remarkable lows. New data from 2015 shows that the price of installation in 2015 went down 5% for residential rooftop systems and 12%…

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GreenCE Webinar: Expansive Openings for Energy Efficient Settings, January 21, 12pm EDT

by SarahA

During this webinar, ‘Expansive Openings for Energy Efficient Settings’, you’ll uncover the features and benefits of large opening glass wall systems. Explore how architects and buil

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Free CE Webinar: All About Ducted Mini Splits, April 7, 12 pm EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

This session is a follow up to "Introduction to Fully Ducted Heat Pumps for All Electric Heating & Cooling." It reviews different types of ducted indoor units, the special design conside