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PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder Online Training, October 12-15 & 19-22, 2-5 pm EDT

by SarahA

Superinsulation, airtight envelopes, high-performance window installation, site management, component sourcing—passive house construction presents special challenges to builders. The PHIUS CPHB

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Keywords: Green Building,Climate Change,Certification,Passive House,Insulation,High Performance Windows

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Free Green Building Webinar: Protect, Enhance and Maintain Glass with a High-Performance Glass Coating, May 5, 12pm, EDT

by Ashley Freeman

During this webinar, we will evaluate protective coatings as a solution for many common problems encountered during the life-cycle of a building. Some of the easily recognized benefits of a low mainte

Keywords: Residential Construction,maintenance,Commercial Construction,High Performance Windows,protective coating

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