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What is The Living Building Challenge?

by NSchepis // Student at Bridgewater State

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is an international sustainable building certification program, created in 2006 by the International Living Future Institute, as a part of the Cascadia Green Buildi…

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Energy Star: A Leading Label in Voluntary Energy Conservation

by EmmamHowe // Marketing/Green Policy Development

Although long popular, Energy Star has recently become a top symbol for energy conservation and going green, helping save families and businesses $300 billion on utility bills while at the same time r…

Comparing Residential Green Building Certifications Seminar, September 12-13, Indianapolis, IN

by AbbieKnight

When it comes to (re)building residential buildings there are many green certification labels to choose from. During this session, we will discuss and compare the different rating systems identified …

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17th Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo / April 19 / Los Angeles

by JulieDB // Communications in Green Building, Sustainability

Join thought-leaders, from across 88 LA area cities, who are dedicated to a sustainable and energy efficient built environment for all communities. The 17th Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo …

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