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ArBolivia - A New Model of Plantation Forestry - CrowdFunder Campaign

by Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Rate It Green Community Member DavidV is raising funds for ArBolivia: "ArBolivia is a unique partnership between socially motivated investors and smallholder farmers in the Bolivian Amazon, which o…

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The Future of Food: Climate, Crops, and Consequences Lecture Series

by ChristinaC // Marketing Student

The Future of Food: Climate, Crops, and Consequences Lecture Series May 8 | 4:00pm Biological Labs Lecture Hall, 16 Divinity Ave., Cambridge The Future of Food: Climate, Crops, and Consequences L…

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Massachusetts Green Builders

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Climate Change, Part 2: It’s All About the Straws, Isn’t It?

by GreenCE Sustainable Design and Construction

Wouldn’t it be great if saving the world was as easy as ditching straws or riding our bikes to work? Sustainable living is definitely affected by our personal best practices, but it’s obvi

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Sustainable CT Webinar: Farms Under Threat - The State of the States, July 20 1pm EDT

by samanthaklein // Intern

How threatened is Connecticut's agricultural land? What is the state doing to protect it? What can Connecticut learn from other states? A new study from American Farmland Trust (AFT) - "Farms

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Connecticut Green Building

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