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VIDEO: A Look at How ERVs Work with Panasonic, How 80% Efficiency Might Work in Practice

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In this video, Matt Hoots interviews Ken Nelson with Panasonic at the International Builders/Kitchen and Bath Show.  Ken explains how ERVs work using a core exchanger, or enthalpic core (or what some of us call the “Magic Box.”)  

Energy Recovery Ventilators bring fresh air into a building while expelling indoor air.  This is done while exchanging the energy and moisture so the air conditioning system does not have to work overtime. 

The core barrier material allows the two air streams pass but never mix, and yet it allows moisture to pass through, banking humidity.  In a dry climate, the ERV will help bring humidity in.  In a very humid climate, the system will balance, though air conditioning systems may remove the bulk of the humidity.  

Ken runs through the different CFMs available in the Intelli-balance systems, and what square footage is covered by each.  The systems are efficient and quiet, and can be mounted or located in several different locations/room types.  Ken also walks through a helpful, practical (approachable) example of an 80% efficient unit on a day that is 70 degrees outside and 50 degrees inside.  Given the 20 degree difference and 80% efficiency, the occupant need only use the building systems to heat the “other 4 degrees.”  He also explains the benefit of an added filter box for optimal use, comfort, and control. 

SawHorse, Inc.
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SawHorse, Inc.

Ken did a great job explaining this to our audience and have been really helpful in follow up conversations. What I learned is that ERVs are good in MOST climate zones even though they are not promoted in high humid zones. It is more of a lack of understanding of how they work than than the misconception that they don't work in with humidity. Humidity management is the basis of the design in the first place.

Here is an article that goes into further detail on how they work as well-


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