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Brookline Massachusetts Bans Oil and Gas Pipes in New Construction

placeholder+imagePosted on: 11/30/2019

In a bold, sustainable move and a 200-3 vote, the Town Meeting Members of Brookline, Massachusetts voted in a ban of oil and gas pipes for new buildings and also for significant renovations of existing buildings.  This means that these buildings will have heating and hot water systems, and appliances that use electricity.  Additionally, occupants of these same buildings will also increasingly be driving electric vehicles. 

The measure is the first in Massachusetts, following a growing number of communities in California which have passed similar bans, including Berkeley which voted in the first ban in July.  According to Werner Lohe, cochair of Brookline's Climate Action committee and one of the ban’s sponsors, "We need to do something about climate change….We need to stop burning fossil fuels inside our buildings….This is the first step in Brookline toward an all-electric, all-renewable-energy world.”


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