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Appraisal Institute's FREE Guide to Value Green Buildings and Homes

placeholder+imagePosted on: 12/01/2018

Did you know that the Appraisal Institute published and offers a Commercial Green and Energy Efficient Addendum? This document provides a unique framework for assisting appraisers to value commercial asset and the value of its green component, such as solar panels and other energy efficient infrastructures. There are also articles published on the Appraisal Institute on a quarterly basis available on They teach appraisers on green topics as well as industry trends.

The link below leads to Appraisal Institute’s website that contains the addendums for commercial building green valuation as well as residential building green valuation. Upon entering this web page, you will also be able to locate Seminars and Webinars hosted by Appraisal Institute as well as educational programs hosted by the organization.

The increasing need for appraisers to properly value the greenness of a home or building indicates not only a growing number of “green” homes and buildings across the U.S. market, but also a stronger emphasis placed on green buildings by the investors. This echoes with our previous news article ( based on the report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).