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Clinton looks to California Regulators for Green Fuel Standards

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Posted by: JackSawyer // Student

Hillary Clinton is looking to find new ways to revamp the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), a regulation that was created in 2005 to try and promote renewable energy fuels, in order to do this she has sought out advice from California regulators. California is leading the United States in the clean energy shift and so it makes sense for the democratic presidential nominee to seek their advice.

Hillary met with members of the “California Air Resources Board, which oversees a market-based system called the Low Carbon Fuel Standard to promote the use of ethanol, [they] advised the Clinton campaign on whether the state’s model could be made suitable for the rest of the nation” (Calcuttawala). Although details from the meeting have not been disclosed, the head of CARB, Mary Nichols, said that she advised Hillary to consider less political taxing strategies. With this in mind, how do you think Hillary will approach revitalizing the regulation? How can she find a political middle ground when trying to help push renewable energies?

Hillary has stated that she wants to provide “investors with the certainty they need, protects consumers, improve access to E15, E85, (ethanol blends) and biodiesel blends, and effectively drive the development of cellulosic and other advanced biofuels” (Calcuttawala). Based on this, I could see Hillary trying to fund research, perhaps through the Department of Energy, to discover new efficient methods for producing and utilizing biofuels. Furthermore, she could try to promote the production of biofuels by providing tax breaks to companies that produce biofuels. Following Nichols advice, these two approaches would have to include aspects that appeal to both democratic and republican parties. I think the second option I suggest may be more effective in getting the RFS back on track as supply is a big problem. If she wants investors to have certainty then cellulosic biofuels needs to produced in greater quantities as a lack of them has caused the EPA to lower the requirements for oil and ethanol blends for many years now, which in turn, hurts the progression of biofuels.

What do you think Hillary will suggest? Is it possible to find a middle ground that can work for both parties? Where do you see the future of biofuels?

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