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VIDEO: Learning about the Benefits and Experience of Wall Hung Washlet Toilets, with Toto

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Have you been wondering about washlet toilets, but maybe you were afraid to ask?  Bill Strang of Toto explained how these toilets work during an interview with Matt Hoots at the National Builders and Kitchen and Bathroom Show.  Now you can learn more from Bill in the comfort of your own home.  

Specifically, Bill introduced Matt to a wall hung washlet and wall hung toilet system by Toto. Wall hung units are becoming increasingly common in urban developments and in existing neighborhoods, where space is at a premium. Wall hung units can fit in a smaller bathroom space, and they provide floor space savings as well. The in-wall tank system is less than 4 inches deep and fits into a standard 4 inch stud wall.  The units save water in addition to toilet paper.       

Significant benefits of the wall mount toilet over traditional toilets include:

  • Floor space benefits, up to 9 inches of space in the room
  • The ability to mask the tank and floor mount drain, providing the ability to tile and design the wall
  • Ease and increased ability to clean the floor, since nothing is mounted on the floor
  • Adjustable height, the ability to adjust for a client of a particular height

The best part of this video is that it’s like Toto is offering test drives!  Bill gets us as close as possible in a video to the washlet toilet experience.  The warm heated seat might be nice, but then press the button and the rinse begins.  Users can adjust all kinds of things using a remote control, including the rinse location and spray pattern.  Watch the video to see this toilet in action! 

We look forward to bringing you more information about Toto toilets as well as more videos like this one, where you can see a product in action and learn about it like you were “at the show.”  What questions do you have for Bill?  Reply to this post, and let’s continue the conversation.  




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