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Time to take our heads out of the sand

Matt Hoots GA, United States 4 Ratings 13 Discussions 7 Group posts

Posted by: Matt Hoots // SawHorse Design + Build

I just posted this on LinkedIn since Russia just invaded Ukraine, and I started having flashbacks to other conflicts that were avoidable as well.  Many of them would not have even been considered if we were not dependent on Fossil Fuels.

Here is the unedited version of what I wrote:

As a #marinecorps vet, I know we have the best military in the world. As a #greenbuilding contractor, I know that we have excellent solutions today that can make us less dependent on foreign energy. Many of the wars over the last 40 + years have been described as "Oil Wars." I don't want my fellow Marines to go to war in the future over something that I can help prevent today.

We are buying oil from Russia right now even though we know it is wrong. We are told that we don't have a choice.

Headlines that you will NEVER see:

"The cost of the SUN went up today due to short supply."
"They cut off our #solarenergy pipeline."
"Low Income Household cannot afford to pay utility costs in a #netzero Energy Home."

I know that it is more complicated than that; however, let's try. If you don't believe in #climatechange, then consider supporting #energyindependence." If that doesn't float your boat, then how about being selfish and not spending as much on energy for your family by being #energyefficient. No matter what the motivation- WE ALL WIN!!

We can do better, and we all know we should do better. You have a choice- keep complaining about the problems OR start taking steps to solve them.

That's just my opinion. What are your thoughts? What are some of your ideas to make the world a better place?

PS- Instead of virtue signaling by banning #Russian alcohol, let's take a break from Russian oil and work from home if you can. We've had two years of practice using less gas, so it is possible.


As a member of the built environment community with a focus on sustainability, the answers for energy independence are obvious to me.  I've been doing this for over 20 years and believe that through education, people will make better choices.

I know you all have ideas as well.  Please share them with us so we can help others make their personal environments more sustainable which will benefit all of us.


Allison Friedman Weston, MA, united-states 0 Ratings 99 Discussions 131 Group posts

Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Thank you for your service, Matt, and for being so open with your thoughts. I do feel we should be willing to make sacrifices for the things we value and to show our values, and to create a strong, sustainable, successful, and competitive economy, that doesn't deprive anyone of opportunity or their health. But you are right overall that giving up wasted energy and unhealthy materials isn't really a loss.

One of my wishes is that we can help facilitate the maximum number of connections and conversations possible, both inside the industry but also with those who might seem to be outside of some existing green building circles. We need everyone to make this work. And you're right that there can be many motivations, and benefits.

I also hope to see more open and accessible information here on Rate It Green, and everywhere, about how we can all make some of these better choices. So everyone can learn and make great decisions that work best for them. I still think it's too hard to confidently find and research more sustainable materials too much of the time, including more locally made products, and to learn about best building science practices in a comfortable, approachable and yet also organized way for maximum learning and impact. I appreciate the opportunity to try to change the amount of available information and to change these existing systems for the better as best we can, all together. Thanks again.


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