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The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Managed Eco-Village Will be Built in the Netherlands

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The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Managed Eco-Village Will be Built in Netherlands

Artificial intelligence will manage a green village in the Netherlands. The village, located in Almere which is half an hour from Amsterdam, will supply food to people in the ReGen village. Food waste will be feeding fish on aquaculture on-site. The green village will use its AI tech platform, “village OS” to simultaneously control renewable energy, food production, water supply, and waste management system.

The 50-acre neighborhood will become almost self-sufficient as it collects and stores water and energy, generates its energy, grows its own food, and processes much of its own waste. After the project got its approval from government last month, July 2018, it is now ready to proceed its next steps.

The land in ReGen village will be planted with trees, gardens food forests, and vertical farming. The encoded vertical farming, which is the practice of producing food and medicine in vertically stacked layers, will supply enough foods to its population. The village plans to build 203 new homes, varying from tiny houses, row houses to villas, which will be enough to support the local housing which population may double in 15 years. Price of houses vary from 200,000 to 850,000 euros.

The infrastructure, runned by AI, will be managed to achieve a low environmental footprint. The new development considers every aspect of the village as an integrated system: from electricity to sewage. The streets in the village will be free of vehicles. Electrical vehicles will be only allowed to park on the perimeter of the neighborhood. The village are not designed with parking space with expectation of self-driving cars and encouragement of walking and biking. A bus line along the edge of the neighborhood can take residents to downtown Almere and Amsterdam. Its on-site farming, including raising chicken and fish will supply its local food need.

The system is designed in a way if neighbors volunteer for the community, such as garden, teach a yoga class, provide elder care, the community will a blockchain-based time bank to track their hours to provide a discount on their Homeowners’ Association fees.

A “living machine” is a system that uses plants and trees to filter sewage and provides irrigation and water reused in energy systems. The system will also process food waste and animal waste by using black soldier flies and aquatic worms to digest the waste. And then the flies and worms will chicken’s and fishes’ dinner. Other waste such as cans, bottles, and paper will be handled by the municipal recycling system.

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