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The Rheem ProTerra Hybrid Water Heat Pump - A Great Fit for the #1920sMakeoverATL Project (Video)

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Green Builder Matt Hoots and Rheem join together in this video to give a preview of the Rheem ProTerra hybrid electric heat pump water heater, which will be installed in the #1920sMakeoverATL deep energy retrofit project.  

The ProTerra is the most efficient electric water heater in North America - up to 400% more efficient than other water heaters and uses less energy than a light bulb per year (75% reduction in energy use).    

There are many reasons to “get gas out of buildings.”  For a quick summary:

It’s especially important to avoid backdrafting and the resulting negative health effects from natural gas equipment, given that the #1920sMakeoverATL project is aiming to meet the Passive House standard.  In a tighter house, indoor air quality and proper ventilation are of the highest priority. 

As for savings, the ProTerra saves up to $480 per year and has a payback of less than two years. The unit currently qualifies for a $300 federal tax credit and up to $1000 in local rebates.

The unit’s built in EcoNet®  WiFi technology allows users to track energy usage and control the equipment remotely.  Home occupants can:

  • Change temperature and operating modes to maximize comfort and energy efficiency 
  • Schedule around peak rates to save on energy bills
  • Check hot water availability 
  • Monitor equipment health
  • Receive alerts via both the unit and the app

The ProTerra hybrid heat pump water heater also provides integrated leak detection and water shut off, limiting potential leaks limited to 20 oz to protect homes.  With zero clearance, it even fits where other water heaters can’t.

Stay tuned to follow the project’s progress to see the ProTerra in action. Ask your questions here for both Matt an the Rheem team! 



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